4 Cheap & Easy Ways To Update Your Kitchen

4 Cheap & Easy Ways To Update Your Kitchen

2020 has been a strange year that has likely sent you home indefinitely. Whether you’re working or not, one thing is for sure: you’ve spent a lot of time in your kitchen.

Snacking, making excessive amounts of coffee, more snacking, and preparing meal after meal. Not to mention the aggressive amount of boredom-busting loaves of bread.

You’ve spent so much time in the kitchen that you’re probably starting to become tired of looking at it. With DIY projects on the rise and plenty of extra time on your hands — why not do something about it?

Here are a few easy ways to rejuvenate your kitchen without breaking the bank or breaking your back.

  • Create a personalized coffee bar

Coffee corners/stations are on-trend right now, although the project can become extravagant. Many install a small coffee sink, additional cupboards and drawers, and overhead lighting. However, not everyone has the time or energy for a renovation like that.

But if you do, contact BP Plumbing Ltd for your sink installation needs.

Here’s the easy version: designate counter space in your kitchen or dining room for your coffee oasis. You can even repurpose an old vanity or bar cart if you want a vintage look.

Get some sturdy stick-on hooks to hang your favourite mugs on or install a small floating shelf. Cheap dollar store style baskets are great for storing your flavour syrups, filters, and napkins. You can even grab stick-on button lights at the hardware store if you’re putting your coffee bar underneath an overhead cupboard.

  • Add warmth

Kitchens are the heartbeat of your home. As the Autumn closes in and cold winds blow you’ll spend more time cooking warm, nourishing meals.

Coppers and warm coloured metals like rose gold are a great way to upgrade small appliances like kettles and are a trendy colour for candle holders, cutlery, and utensils.

Coupled with an earth-toned accent wall (think deep, comforting yellows and soft greens) your kitchen will feel warm, luxe, cozy, and ready for the cold.

On that note:

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  • Pantry coordination

It’s more than organizing half-opened bags of pasta. It’s an envy-inspiring project that adds a satisfying aesthetic to your pantry.

For this, you’ll need clear matching containers and canisters of varying sizes. Organize everything from pasta, nuts, to dried fruit into categories. Add labels for an extra organizational touch.

For a fun project, you can organize your items by colour in their respective categories.

  • BYO Art Gallery

This is another way to move your kitchen from solely an eating and cooking space to where friends and family alike can sit and visit awhile.

It’s a completely customizable project but we recommend going with frames that are in the same colour scheme, like wood frames of varying colour and grain.

From there, decide on the wall that you’d like to be your focal point, grab your favourite artwork (it can be anything from children’s doodles to old menus), and arrange your masterpieces.


Renovations can be fun and very rewarding while also being a drain on resources and time.

The above tips are a great way to get started with quick, easy, and bite-sized home projects that don’t require more than a half-day to a day of your time and are sure to clear a few cobwebs.

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