5 DIY Tips to Clear Blocked Drain in Your Home

5 DIY Tips to Clear Blocked Drain in Your Home

An emergency with your blocked drains can be a real drama. Especially when sewage or water floods your rooms, car parking, garden and other areas of the house. What people usually do in such situations is they drastically search for any person to fix the issue. At times, the situation becomes so worse and so rapid that you can seldom think of anything. Blocked sewers are nightmare for many people. Unless you have pre-plan, it is really a very tough event to handle even by the coolest person in the earth.

A clogged sewer line can lead to flowing of raw sewage out, causing nuisance and resulting in significant damage to your property. Such incidences often force people to undertake expensive repairs or replacement. Every home owner must realize well before such a situation arise. You should remain cautious and vigilant about any warning signs in relation to your plumbing and sewer related matters. You should understand and be attentive on following aspects:

Types of Sewer


There are highway galleys’ and drains which may get clogged causing blocked sewers in the adjoining area; you should inform local administration immediately. For general understanding, there are two types of sewer, they are –

  • Public Sewers: Maintenance, repair, and replacement are the responsibilities of your local administration. Whenever you notice anything unusual in public sewer pipe network, you should immediately inform the same to the concerned authority.
  • Private Sewers: It is under your domain. Being a responsible home owner, you should have planned maintenance by an authorized and qualified plumbing and drain clearing agency.

Warning Signs

You need to know few tale-tale warning signs of blocked sewers to get alert and take immediate remedial actions. Followings are some of the warning signs:

  • Longer draining time from sinks.
  • Foul and strange smell.
  • Water pooling under shower.
  • Seepage on the ground and or walls.
  • Slow draining from closets.

5 Tips to Clear Blocked Sewers

You can take some remedial measures of your own. But, if you find they are not working; call an agency at the earliest. Following 5 tips may give you some immediate relief:

  1. This is the easiest possible tis to clear a clogged drain all by you. Boil as much water as you can. Pour this boiling hot water into the opening of the blocked drain in 4-5 stages. Maintain a gap of few minutes between each stage. Then flush the drain. See the magic!
  2. Take a wire hanger, straighten it, and create a small hook at one end by bending. Then insert the hook into the blocked drain and fish out whatever nasty stuff you can find. After that, pour as much water as possible. You may clear the blockage in this simple manner.
  3. Get some caustic soda or Sodium Hydroxide. Wear safety glasses and rubber gloves. Take 3/4th gallon of normal water in a bucket. Then add 3 cups of soda to the water and mix well. Drain this solution into the opening of the blocked drain. Wait for half an hour and then pour boiling hot water into the drain.
  4. Very carefully mix 1/3rd cup of table vinegar with same amount of baking soda. Immediately pour this mixture in the mouth of the blocked drain. Let it set there for overnight. Flush the drain next morning and see the miracle.
  5. Your dry and wet vacuum cleaner can be an impressive instrument to clear blockage from any drain in your house! Yes. Take all precautions to prevent any kind of mess by covering the vent. Turn you vacuum at its highest setting and press power button on. All clogs in the drain will be dragged to the vacuum bag.

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