5 Tips on Setting up your own area to work from home

5 Tips on Setting up your own area to work from home

The working dynamic has changed, with many employers and employees embracing working from home. Whilst the pandemic accelerated the uptake of remote working, many organisations were increasingly adopting remote teams long before COVID-19 emerged.

While saying goodbye to the commute, difficult coworkers and office gossip may seem exciting, getting comfortably settled and productive at home can become a challenge to many.

However, creating a productive, creative, and peaceful working environment can be easily achieved without expensive upgrades. Here are five tips to get you on your way.

  1. Establish a separate working space

Create a home office away from other household activities, perhaps in your basement, garage, or any space available at home.

Ideally, the space should have a window for ventilation and a door you can close to keep out the noise and other distractions. In case you don’t have an extra room to repurpose, you can create a nook in your bedroom or living room. A small folding bookcase or screen works perfectly in smaller places.

  1. Define your office Space functionality/need

A well-defined office should cater to your needs. Define what you require to perform optimally.

This could include spaces for files, computer/s, a desk, printer, other working equipment and tools.Additionally, for a practice that requires client confidentiality like therapy or law, may require lockable cabinets and high security computers.

Don’t be afraid of redesigning or changing the outlook and layout of a room to suit your workspace needs.Find inspiration in things you love, as this helps in boosting your productivity.

Beyond the main office basics like a desk, chair and computer, incorporate your style into your home office. Consider the furniture layout, plants, artwork, design elements and a few personal mementos.

After identifying your space and functionality, make your budget prioritizing important tools and equipment and adding others when finances allow.

  1. Choose the ideal design for you

    work from home

Setting up a home working space means choosing your taste and shunning the usual traditional gray cubicle walls with harsh fluorescent lighting.

Choose a design that’s inviting, uplifting, and comfortable with a combination of textures, materials, colors, and patterns. Your furniture, storage solutions, decorative elements, and lighting should be visually pleasing while providing functionality.

For detailed work like accounting, red color results in improved performance while blue works well for creative tasks, and green sparks innovation.

Indoor plants and personalized accessories like family photos, artworks, and accent shelving and chairs can add color to a neutral palette.

  1. Think lighting

Ensure your working space incorporates both natural and artificial light.

A higher lighting level with daylight simulating fixtures improves productivity. Locate your office in a position to receive natural light. For example, the windows should face the south to receive abundant sunshine. Natural light improves our well-being, mental health and the sleep-wake cycle.

Improper lighting can cause drowsiness and eye fatigue, thus hindering productivity.

Avoid using harsh overhead lighting. Instead, opt for LED task light with color temperature change, allowing you to select the ideal light according to the task.

  1. Make it comfortable

Choosing right office furniture means reduced chances of getting injuries and having a comfortable working day.

Invest in a proper adjustable chair with proper height positioning that allows your knees to level your hips and feet to flatly touch the ground. Additionally, placing a small cushion at the back of your chair supports the lumbar. Alternatively, invest in a motorized standing desk to reduce achy legs, back and foot pain.

Additionally, practice standing and walking around every 45 minutes and incorporate physical activities and stretches throughout the day.

Keep your go-to items like calculator, phone, or computer mouse within  reach. On the other hand, invest in dual monitors, headset, wireless keyboard, and mouse makes the office further functional.

Ensure your home working space has good air quality to increase your cognitive functioning. A working space that is too hot or cold can hinder your productivity.

To improve the air quality and temperature of your working space, perform frequent cleaning  and regular maintenance of your HVAC system. Having professional Eastern Shore Heating & Air Conditioning to help you out is advisable.

Opening your windows and allowing fresh improves air circulation and bringing in some indoor plants improves air quality as well.


Working remotely impacts our lives by providing a healthier work-life balance, less commute and a customizable office. A great workspace in your home is essential to high productivity while working away from the office. Establishing a separate work area, identifying the tools and equipment you need, customising it to suit your taste, ensuring it is well lit and comfortable will contribute to your productivity.

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