8 Types Of Wood Preferred For Amazing Kitchen Designs

8 Types Of Wood Preferred For Amazing Kitchen Designs

For amazing wood kitchen designs, having premium quality wood is essential. From the pine trees to the imported Brazilian cherry, china cabinet or wooden floor, lumber has always been a great facet of home and kitchen themes. Let’s have a look at the different types to go along with!

  1. Oak

While we get the treated oak wood, it’s the tree from where it all begins. Oak is strongest of all the trees and wood obtained from it is the finest and premium-grade. There’re more or less 600 species of oak from which different things are made such as furniture, wine barrels, dining table, bottle corks, benches so on. As we speak, oak wood floors are highly durable and an element of inspiration. Some of the high-end wood kitchen designs boast oak.

  1. Cedar

Another highly acquainted wood is cedar that’s mostly used in the construction of closets and trunks for its ability to deter moths, various insects as well as odour removing features. Since cedar trees are dispersed sporadically around the globe, it’s used for many different purposes other than in typical kitchen designs and furniture.

Wood obtained from cedar has a sweet scent along with a red and brown accent used in house structuring, shipbuilding, guitars, fencing and shingles. When used in kitchen, they’re out to stand out of the crowd being appealing and perfect.

Wood Kitchen Cabinets Design
Wood Kitchen Cabinets Design
  1. Padauk

This particular type of wood originates from the pterocaprus species in Africa and Asia. It’s a hardwood being heavy and dense that keen to even the slightest lathe treatment. Padauk wood is used in many different projects such as manufacturing of musical instruments, carvings and commonly in wood kitchen designs. To our surprise, Padauk is stronger than oak and can withstand even the toughest adhesives which make it a durable and vibrant red wood.

  1. Teak

For those who wish adding a tropical accent to their home interior and kitchens can do so with teak. The hardwood has an advantage on others bearing shades of green, yellow and brown whereas teak is the national tree of Philippines. Wood obtained from teak tree is used in the construction of doors, window frames, in and outdoor furniture. With time, it matures and takes on a decent silver-grey surface.

  1. Walnut

As sweet and delightful are the seeds of walnut, the wood results in an equally graceful floor. Walnut is grown in many different countries and climates bearing thus bearing many different shades and temperaments. Besides wonderful wood kitchen designs obtained from walnut, particular species of the tree is used in the production of airplane propellers.

  1. Alder

Although a hardwood, alder also has a softer side to it but that doesn’t discourage it from aiding in manufacture of cabinetry being highly flexible. If there’s any other wood used most in production of furniture besides walnut is alder and it’s a far more affordable option to attain a high-end, premium-quality product. Manipulation of the wood is easy through staining and sanding to achieve a uniform hue and surface.

Wood Kitchen Designs
Wood Kitchen Designs
  1. Purple Heart

As romantic as the name, the Purple Heart tree grows deeper in the heart of South America. Due to its typical straight-grain patterned texture and unique glossiness, the wood obtained from this tree is in great demand across the world. Known for endurance and flexibility, Purple Heart wood has the tendency to ward off termites and fungus whereas the unique purple shade is most amazing that has all it takes to make your home interior and kitchen stand out of the crowd. With time, the shade changes its characters assuming a deeper and richer tone.

  1. Lyptus

Wood kitchen designs obtain from Lyptus are always attractive whereas it makes for an amazing wide-panelled floor. It’s also used for millwork namely frames, doors and crown moulding.


Before concluding, I’d like to mention a name of one modern kitchen designer for sharing some wonderful insights around the topic. The types of woods mentioned here are best for amazing home interior and kitchen designs.

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