The Benefits of Composite Decking Compared to Real Wood

The Benefits of Composite Decking Compared to Real Wood

Real wood has for years been the go-to option if you wanted to install decking in your garden. It remains a popular option, but there is now an alternative which has several benefits compared to real wood which is making the decision more challenging for buyers.

Composite decking has increased in popularity in recent years and is projected to continue doing so. Below are some of the key benefits to composite decking compared to traditional real wood. You may decide that real wood is still what you prefer, but being aware of the alternative is important, considering the substantial investment that comes with installing outside decking.


Composite decking is, in some ways, more environmentally friendly than using real wood. This is because recycled materials are used to make composite decking, and this means far fewer trees need to be cut down compared to real wood decking. If fewer trees are cut down, then they can continue to benefit the environment by capturing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Furthermore, by using recycled materials, composite decking is reducing waste. There is still a requirement to use some energy to produce the composite boards, but by simply reducing the number of trees being cut down, composite decking is seen as an environmentally friendly option.

Long-lasting and durable

One aspect of composite decking which adds to its eco-friendly status is that it lasts for a long time. Compared to real wood options, composite should last noticeably longer than real wood. The reason it lasts longer is that composite is much more durable than real wood. It can withstand extreme weather. Real wood decking, on the other hand, will experience fading, cracking and can even split over time. To maintain real wood decking, it needs staining and consistent treatment. This leads to another benefit with composite…

Lower Maintenance

Composite decking needs very little maintenance compared to real wood. As mentioned above, composite decking does not require staining to maintain its colour and prevent cracking. The only real maintenance requirements are keeping the decking clean which can be done just by washing it, and making sure there is no debris in-between the boards.

Colour Options

The range of colours available if you choose composite decking is extensive. Real wood has natural variants in its colour, and it can then be altered with staining. To keep it the same colour real wood needs to be continually stained throughout its lifespan. In comparison, composite decking will remain the same colour without the need for staining and will not fade over time. When you select a composite board, you can be sure than the entire deck will look the same when it is installed. Therefore get precisely the colour you want if you need it to blend in with your garden design.

Composite decking offers several benefits which make it an appealing option compared to real wood. There are some drawbacks such as the higher price and need to shop around due to a large number of manufacturers, all of which will have slight differences. But overall, the benefits to composite decking are clear, and they are the reasons why so many people are choosing composite over real wood for their outside decks.

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