Best Ways to Find Out About Blocked drains and How to Fix Them

Best Ways to Find Out About Blocked drains and How to Fix Them

We know that blocked drains are a huge problem in the plumbing system. It is quite common and encountered by people quite often. They can occur because of hair clogging, fatty deposits, food stick down and many more. However, if you leave them untreated they can take bigger shape and the water might start leaking from your drains. There can be a lot of harm done to your house or business and if the severity of the blockage is great it might to lead to bursting of pipes. In that case the cost you put behind the repairs going to be a lot. The first thing you should do is to hire a professional plumber for this work to unblock the drain.

How to Check on The Blocked Drains?

The first indication or symptom to look out for is that whether the baths and WCs are failing to drain swiftly and efficiently, or whether there is an overflowing gully or inspection chamber. You need to also check whether there are any unpleasant odours being emanated from your drains because they are a signal to some kind of blockage which can be some kind of food debris getting stuck in the pipe. You need to check if there is some broken pipe because it can cause stop water flow and your drain might be close completely. You should regularly check underground pipes because they need special investigations because they will always be left unchecked by plumbers.

You need to also check for the raised water levels because if there is some kind of serious blockage then the water might just start overflowing. There could be signs of block if you get to hear some gurgling sounds from the plug holes. These sounds give a hint that there is probably some air trapped in the pipe and it is trying to escape when you run the water. Now that you have been able to figure out that you have blocked drains, you can try out some of these techniques to get rid of them.

Blocked Drain

Ways to Get the Blocked Drains Cleared

  • You can try and make use of boiling water. This can be a fast and easier fix to get it cleared. You can just pour a pot of boiling water down the drain, because then it could just simply dissolve the block and you would not have to opt for more complicated procedure. However, make sure to use this technique only if you have ceramic or metal pipes because then otherwise the heat can affect the pipes and cause more damage. This method works for some kind of blockage caused due to food debris because for more solid blockage you would have to resort to more precise techniques.
  • A plunger is a very handy tool to clear your blocked drain. The up-and-down pressure that the plunger creates will help to loosen out the block and then the water can flow smoothly again through the pipes. It is very effective in case of any solid blockage.
  • In case the extent of your blockage is severe enough then it might require you to excavate your pipe and that would require borrowing the help of a plumber. He would be able to locate the exact location of the block and in turn excavate the pipe needed. He can repair and restore the pipe in question after digging out the earth around the pipe. In many cases the pipe needs to be replaced and the earth can be filled around the new pipe. Such kind of work would require you to hire a professional plumber on whom you can rely on because there are a lot of complications involved in this job.


After reading this article you must have understood that when you see blocked drain then you should immediately call a plumber to fix it. So, that you will not face any bigger problem related to drain system.

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