Considerations to Make When You Shop for Wholesale Plants

Considerations to Make When You Shop for Wholesale Plants

If you want to buy the right type of plant species as per your requirements, you will need to consider a few points and follow some specific tips and guidelines to buy wholesale plants from trade nurseries. First of all, you will need to be a trade customer. Most nurseries do not accept orders from the public but there are a few that offers both retail and wholesale.

It is important that you visit the nurseries in person before placing an order especially, for the first time. Most nurseries will make it a point that you visit their nursery fixing an appointment instead of visiting them on speculations. While you visit, check a few things such as:

  • How clean and tidy the nursery?
  • How good the plants are, and?
  • How well managed and cared are these plants?

The Ordering Process

Wholesale Plants

You will have to order for a minimum number of each plant variety when you buy wholesale plants. Ideally, trade nurseries will accept an order of ten of each variety. There are two level of plant quality in the industry. These are garden center quality for private gardens and landscape quality.

At the time of order, make sure that you buy the best quality and avoid anything that does not appeal to you or are low on quality. Prefer to hand pick your plants no matter what your order volume is? This will ensure guarantee to the standard and quality.

Get the Best Deals

In order to get the best deals while buying wholesale plants from trade nurseries make sure you carry the tax ID number apart from your business license. Most states will audit such wholesalers. Therefore, the wholesaler will need it to maintain a strict record about their clients. These records are kept mostly on your tax identification number.

  • Choose the right wholesaler and not ones that claim to offer wholesale prices. A true and reputable wholesaler will have much more to offer you.
  • Make sure that set up the new retailers account set up stopping by the office of the trade nursery.
  • If you are buying wholesale plants for personal use, you must pay the tax during purchase and if it is for your business purpose, you can opt against it and pay the sales tax later. However, you will have to pay tax in both the cases.
  • Inquire about the layout of the nursery and visit each categorized section such as the big tree section, greenhouses, hidden, and special corners and the off-limits areas.
  • Ask for a pricing sheet and the purchasing instructions. Inquire whether they allow trucks around so that you can stop-and-shop.

How to Select Plants?

When you choose the wholesale plants do not just choose these from a distance. Make sure that you lift the plant from the pot to check for healthy roots and for tightly packed soil.

  • Do not buy any plant that has a bulk of roots evolving from the holes at the bottom of the pot. Also, avoid plants that are damaged and is yellowing or browning. Also, avoid plants that have a lot of moss and weeds on the surface of the soil.
  • If you are buying flowering plants, then buy flowers in bud and certainly not in its full bloom, as these will not be long lasting for display.
  • You must learn the difference between the types of plants such as hardy perennials and half-hardy annuals and others.
  • You can take help from the staff or look up in the reference book or from a garden app.

Always check for labels carefully for words like ‘Vigorous’ and ‘RHS AGM’ for a better purchase.

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