How Exterior Painting Can Increase The Value Of Your House?

How Exterior Painting Can Increase The Value Of Your House?

The residential real estates are witnessing major appreciation and the homeowners are opting to sell their properties in the market. For a few people, the overall procedure of property selling necessarily means that you will require some upgrades and minor repairs which will make it more attractive and improve the salability of the property. If you are planning to sell your property and want a great sales price for the same, then you should necessarily opt for the house exterior painting which will help you in achieving your objectives. The fading, outdated paint or peeling may potentially turn off the prospective buyers and they may not be wanting to purchase the property.

A fresh coat of the exterior paint would considerably improve the curb appeal of your home and this enhances the overall potential value of the property.

The major benefits of the exterior paint job

The painting of the interiors might be crucial but most of the designers and the majority of real estate professionals certainly are of the same view that the new exterior paint is an affordable and easy way to increase the overall value of the home to a significant level. The exterior painting can considerably increase the overall value of the home up to 5%.

In addition to the same, enabling you to command a significantly higher sales price for the property, painting the exterior of the property has the below-mentioned advantages –

  • This is more economical to paint as compared to installing a completely brand new siding of vinyl.
  • The buyers would never want to worry about the expensive repairs – a home painted for twenty years would speak of the deferred maintenance & would require the painting soon.
  • Employ the right shades of colors to make the property appear a little larger (lighter shades) or smaller (darker shades).

Majority of the homebuyers would certainly place a higher value on the exterior paint appearance and you would expect to receive certain inquiries regarding the details of the home being last painted and the quality of the paint. You can utilize the advantages listed here as the major selling point for the potential homebuyers.

Useful tips for exterior painting

The selection of the right exterior painting will certainly provide your home with the cleanest look and several buyers would flock in to purchase your house. It would improve the value of the property. The exterior painting of your property will have to face several challenges.

Some of the useful tips would assure a successful project. Here are the tips:

  • Freshen up of the exteriors of your property by striking the right balance of colors for the window frames, railings, and other accents.
  • Selecting the creams and neutral whites would appeal the tastes of several probable home buyers.
  • You can paint the vinyl siding with the same color or even lighter would prevent the materials from getting destroyed by the heat.

You should ideally choose an eye-catching shade for your property’s exterior painting, especially the front door and the balcony. This would help you create a great impression in front of your buyers.


This is crucial to make your property good by opting for the right exterior painting. You should give careful consideration to the various potential pitfalls which are associated with exterior painting. For example, in case you are looking to sell off your property quickly, the exterior painting would not be of much value as the exterior painting may make you delay in putting up the property for sale. So, you necessarily measure all the conditions before opting for exterior painting of the property.

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