Five Dry Cleaning and Laundry Tips for Cleaner Clothes

Five Dry Cleaning and Laundry Tips for Cleaner Clothes

Each day, millions of people drop off clothes at their local dry cleaner for a variety of reasons. For example, dry cleaning is a less abrasive sanitization method, and the process can dissolve oils and grease much better than a conventional washing machine can. It’s why many Americans consider dry cleaning a necessity, rather than a luxury.

While dry cleaning is a somewhat black and white process, there’s a certain skill and expertise involved in the practice as well – and it isn’t learned overnight. The same can be said about getting your clothes cleaner at home. Even once you’ve got the basics down, there are still several things that you can do to help get your clothes even cleaner.

Here’s a look at five tips to help you take your cleaning efforts to the next level.

1.     Time Is of the Essence

Many people wash heavily soiled or stained clothing under the assumption that, when it comes out of the washing machine, it will look as good as new. However, this isn’t necessarily accurate, as stains must be attended to immediately. The moment you notice a mark on any of your clothes or garments, be sure to spot it properly with a pre-cleaner and put it in the wash. The sooner you get to it, the better your chance of successfully removing the stain. Similarly, the faster you’re able to treat stains at your dry cleaner, the better chance you’ll have of getting rid of them.

2.     Keep Your Clothes in a Dimly Lit Area

There’s a reason why closets are often windowless. Sunlight can fade fabrics, and the change in color is often noticeable – even over just a short period of time.After clothes go through the wash, make sure that they’re being stored in an area that’s not in direct sunlight. If you do have windows in your closet, minimize sunlight by covering them with UV-blocking films.

3.     Don’t Apply Heat to Stained Clothes

A simple way to ensure your clothing remains in good condition is to use caution before applying heat in any way. Whether you’re ironing or drying stained clothing, know that heat will cause the stain to set. And when stains set, they’re there for good. Therefore, you should always carefully inspect your clothes for marks before utilizing any type of heat.

4.     Let Applicants Dry Before Getting Dressed

Putting on things like deodorant, perfume, lotions, and body sprays are a part of your daily routine.However, if you’re not careful, these applicants can do significant damage to your clothing. If you’ve ever noticed under-arm staining on your shirts that’s impossible to get out in the wash, know that it usually isn’t from sweating. Rather, the marks are likely from your deodorant. A great way to mitigate damage caused by applicants is to make sure they’re fully dry before you get dressed. That way, you can keep your garments looking brand-new for a longer period of time.

5.     Leave Your Best Clothes to the Professionals

When it comes to cleaning your clothes, you don’t have to be an expert. However, certain pieces require a bit of skill to avoid damage and ensure proper cleaning. For example, delicate or expensive items, such as your dress pants, sport coats, and blouses are best left to your dry cleaner. The process your local cleaning company uses is less abrasive on your items, which increases their lifespan. Plus, dry cleaning is more effective at removing tough stains and imperfections. We understand that at-home cleaning is more convenient and budget-friendly, but if you’re serious about your nicest clothing, it pays to leave these items in the hands of a professional.

Armed with these simple tips and tricks, you can enjoy a cleaner, better-looking wardrobe. And when your clothes look great, you will too!

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