Green Office Generation: Create an Eco-Friendly Workspace Millennials Will Love

Green Office Generation: Create an Eco-Friendly Workspace Millennials Will Love

As generations are going by, people are getting more concerned about the environment. The youth today, are readily motivated to do things which are good for the planet. Millennials these days prefer living a green life with eco-friendly habit and products. When eco-friendly life is the order of the day, why not extend it to the workplace too. Hence, more and more offices are going down the green route.

If you are one of those who want to motivate your millennial work population with a greener office space, all it takes is to revamp a few habits and instill few new ones. Here are a few things that you need to do in order to achieve it.

Welcome the nature into your workspace:

When you are building a green office, you can literally include greenery into the workspace. Instead of regular workstation office furniture, include few plant pots here and there, if you don’t have natural light you can include indoor plants instead. This will help the atmosphere in the office to feel fresh. It is also a proven fact that people feel naturally pleasant in the presence of plants and greenery; hence, this will also help you keep the mood of your employees pleasant. Plants also increase oxygen supply in the office which boosts the energy of the employees.

Recycle and Reuse:

To make the office more eco-friendly, try to recycle as much as possible. Completely restrict the usage of paper free and convert all data into the electronic form.  Even for when the papers are needed it is good to use recycled paper. The paper usage can also be reduced by getting rid of the disposable paper cups and glasses at the water coolers and coffee machines. Encourage them to carry their own mugs.

Increase usage of organic products:

You can reduce the usage of plastic and other toxic materials. Instead, implement eco-friendly products and encourage the employees to use the same. Even the office furniture can be of eco-friendly materials, you would find a number of office furniture suppliers providing these kinds of furniture.

Save Energy:

One of the most important environment friendly practices that you can implement in your office is to minimize the use of electricity. Installing lights with motion sensors can save ample amount of electricity, few of your office furniture suppliers could also help you with these installations. Many offices are also shifting to solar energy for few of the power requirements. Though the initial costs of the installation might be high, in the long run, it would save on the power expenses and furthermore it is very environmentally friendly.

If you include more of natural lighting into your office, you can also save on lights and lamps. You also find innovative ways to reduce the power consumption in the workspace, for example, you can go for a “no lights” hour during lunch hours.

Keep the office Toxic-free:

Did you know many cleaning products that you would be using contain harmful toxins which are dangerous for the environment? These days, many cleaning products are available with organic products which are free from toxic materials. You could encourage the use of such products to keep the office healthy and safety.

It is only the right thing to do our part for the bigger purpose of saving the planet and the environment. It sets the right tone about your values and ethics.Apart from being the right thing to do, an eco-friendly office also generates the right kind of energy and atmosphere for people to work in. Hence, it is a win-win all the way.

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