Why Your Home Drainage System Is Witnessing Recurring Blockage

Why Your Home Drainage System Is Witnessing Recurring Blockage

If you are pouring things into drains that you actually shouldn’t, because of laziness or carelessness, sooner or later it will start causing troubles in your drainage system. Drainage blockages and other drainage problems can be simply avoided by ensuring the appropriate disposal of household items. Watch out what you pour down your sink, toilet and bathroom drains.

When you see blocked toilet, blocked sink or blocked shower drain in your house, you are most likely to use chemical drain cleaners, baking soda and hot water or a DIY drain unblocking tool like a plunger or a drain snake first instead of calling out a professional drainage company.

You may succeed clearing the blockage and getting your drains running again with one of the above DIY drain unblocking techniques. But if blockages continue to occur time and again, it indicates that the actual cause of the blockage wasn’t fixed during your DIY efforts.

If your drains are witnessing blockages repetitively in recent days and if you happen to wonder what probably could cause this scenario and how you can fix the issue permanently, this post has got you covered.

Clogged Up Gullies Or Grids

You can spot drainage gullies and grids outside your property. They carry waste from all your household drainage pipes to the main sewer line. They also set out the excess rainwater. These gullies have a water trap, which is used primarily to prevent foul odor from the main sewer line reaching to the ground surface; at the same time, the trap prevents rats and debris jamming the drainage grid.

However, when households pour down fat, grease and food leftovers in their kitchen sinks, flush sanitary products down their toilet drain, and allow hair and soap scum go down the shower drain, all these can cause blockage in your drainage grids and gullies.

Sometimes, leaves and debris cover up the drainage grid preventing water entering into the gully. If you smell some nasty smell coming out of drains these days, it is probably a result of a blockage in drainage grid or gully pot. Unless you remove the root cause of the blockage, you will continue having blocked household drains again and again.

Besides, when not cleared in time, the blockage in the drainage system can grow bigger and cause more damage to your property. Make sure you don’t dump junk down any of your household drains to avoid blockages at the first place. Yet, if blockage occurs, call the blocked drain repair Medway specialist immediately to fix the issue in first time and ensure it doesn’t keep recurring.

Damaged Pipe

If your drainage pipework is quiet old, it is at higher risk of getting broken or damaged due to back fill and use of pipe bedding. When not fixed, this can further lead to leakage and clogged up drains. In many stories, homeowners aren’t aware of the location of underground pipes and they somehow end up forming cracks or damaging the pipework during extension or remodeling project of the property. To avoid this, homeowners are recommended to perform CCTV drain survey before they start off any work on their property.

Tree Root Intrusion

Any small leak or joint misalignment in the pipework can attract the tree roots that are in search of moisture and water in the near vicinity. Roots can enter the drainage pipe or sewer line through tiny cracks or fractured joints. And once entered, the roots continue growing and getting larger, forming a blockage inside the pipe.

Annual CCTV drain survey can help you prevent blocked drain Medway and the expenses associated with it.


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