Home Remedies to Clean Blocked Drains Effectively

Home Remedies to Clean Blocked Drains Effectively

Who likes a blocked drain? Thanks to daily usage no matter how much we try the drains end up getting clogged and blocked. Within a few days, you realize that the water is not passing through the drain due to blockage. That’s not all, in the case of a kitchen drain if left unattended; it might even lead to a terrible stink and stench. So, if you are planning to run a house, you have to keep ways to blocked drain cleaning handy with you.

Use a Hanger

We all have wire hangers at home. All, you need to do is use a regular hanger and try and straighten it out the best you can. Once straight, bend it over to make a small hook. Now, put this into the drain and like a fishing rod keeping poking. Within a few minutes, all the blocked hair and grime will come out of the drain. Once, the drain looks clear to put on your hot water tap so that the gush of hot water can take care of the remaining grime accumulated inside the drain pipes. This is simple to use technique and would hardly take you half an hour to unclog the mess.

Use Baking Soda and Vinegar

If you are suffering from a blocked drain in your kitchen area then this hack will come handy. All, you need to do is simply mix a cup of baking soda with a cup of vinegar. You can change the quantity depending on the extent of damage done. Once you mix both, immediately it will start to fizz within seconds pour the mixture through the mouth of the drain. The fizz will remove all the gunk, hair and dirt clogging the pipe. Leave it like this overnight and in the morning use fresh water to clean the drain and it will be unclogged. This is a great way to deal with blocked drain cleaning. The best part being there is not much physical exertion involved in this.

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Use Wet and Dry Vacuum

If you have a wet and dry vacuum at home then use it to unclog. It is known to instantly unclog drains and make your life simpler. All you need to do is first use the vacuum liquid mode to clean up the mess. Then, use the dry mode to suck out all the dirt and grime. This is another great way to deal with blocked drain cleaning. This way you will not waste much time also and get instant results.

Boiling Water

Many times this trick also works to unblock drains. All you need is a kettle filled with water. Put it to boil and once boiling, pour it over the drain to unclog the same. Within seconds the blockage will get removed. This is a simple way to address the problem at hand and is sure shot to give you results.

Caustic Soda

This is again a common ingredient found at home. This is also known as sodium hydroxide and needs to be dealt with care as it may burn you. If you do not use this for gardening, then you can also procure them from a local store. Mix this soda with water and then pour the mixture over the drain. Use the end of a mop stick to poke the drain so that all the stuck up grime gets loosened and flushes out with the soda mixture.

Here were 5 ways to clean a blocked drain using simple things at home. Now, you can clear the drain yourself without having to take professional help.

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