How to Clean a Mattress?

How to Clean a Mattress?

If you believe that you are aware of all the dust and critters that your mattress carries, think again. So obviously, there is much more than what we just see on mattresses. If you had enough idea about the soaking power of your mattress, you would have realized that how much contamination is lying right under the mattress cover. Frankly, most of it is driven by the one using it such as; blood, sweat, urine and other bodily fluids. Therefore, here are some effective ways that can be of great help for mattress cleaning. So let’s check-in;

Pre-Mattress Cleaning

Before you start with the mattress cleaning, it’s essential to strip your bed and launder the linens. Wash your mattress pad, sheets and comforter. Once washed, dry them properly. It’s essential to check the manufacturer’s label first and then you can use the hot water and dryer. Heat Setting is useful as it will help kill all the dust from mattress. Let the washer and dryer keep up with their things and it’s time for you to check out the mattress.

Vacuum It First

Use your vacuum cleaner over the mattress first. Start from the top and work it down in overlapping and narrow paths. Then you need to vacuum the Mattress sides the same way.

Deodorize & Vacuum Again

We might not usually notice our own bodily smell that mostly comes from our sweat and stubbornly sets over the mattress. To eradicate this off your mattress, sprinkle the baking soda and gently rub it with brush. Then just let it sit for about 10 Minutes. This has led moisture and body oils bonded in the top layer. Just vacuum it all off and it’s done.

Cut the Stains Off

Since the mattress usually carries some stains like blood, urine and other bodily fluids, it’s important to treat stains ASAP. But usually it’s not that easy since the sleep is more important. So now, you might need to clean stains that have set in.

Get rid of Dried blood stains with 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide mixed with 1 Table Spoon of each table salt and liquid dish soap. Just spread it lightly and allow it to sit until dry the simply use the white rag to remove it all.

Body fluids like vomit and etc. can be removed with the simple method. Just wipe the spot with damp clean cloth, pour the baking soda to neutralize the ammonia odor. Let it dry for a while and the just vacuum the area thoroughly.

In a nutshell, mattress cleaning can be a daunting task at time. Perhaps that’s the reason as to why many even recommend to use the washable mattress cover. No worries, those covers are not of crinkly plastic material. In fact, you will get the fine cover made up of fabric bonded with the waterproof layer that stops all the liquid to pass through and touch mattress. So just keep you mattress cleaning with through ways mentioned above and enjoy the tidy bedroom ambiance.


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