Important Reasons to Go for Bathroom Waterproofing

Important Reasons to Go for Bathroom Waterproofing

The athroom is a moist area of the house. It is often seen that whenever people renovate their bathrooms, they simply lay new tiles, paint on the existing plasterboard without taking any measures to protect the surfaces from water damage. This can lead to some problems in the future. Thus, it is necessary to engage skilled workers for bathroom waterproofing at the time of renovation works.

Some of the many reasons for waterproofing your bathroom have been mentioned here:

Preventing Damages Caused by Leakage

Water can seep in through weak points in the ceiling and walls and find its way into the bathroom, and it results in the development of damp walls and ceilings in the bathroom. Water can also cause damage to electrical fixtures in the bathroom which is highly dangerous. However, waterproofing makes the bathroom watertight against leakages and prevents dampness and water damage. A waterproofed wet area like the bathroom also prevents moisture and humidity from reaching other areas of the house.


Preventing Mould Formation

Water can easily penetrate the top layer of walls and floors in the bathroom and get through to the plaster, bricks, and wood that makes them damp. It is well known that a damp environment promotes the growth of mould which is harmful to  the structure and cause varied kinds of diseases. Waterproofing adds a barrier between the top layer and the underlying structures which repel water. Consequently, condensation build-up is prevented which in turn prevents dampness and mould formation.

Provides Insulation

Waterproofing also makes the bathroom highly insulated against outside temperature. During the winter months, the walls of the toilet or bathroom become very cold. Waterproofing helps in confining the warmth in the bathroom even during the winter season. Thus, waterproof boarding prevents the need to install a thermostat or a bathroom heater.

More Bathroom Options

Waterproofed wet area helps in improving the look of the bathroom by incorporating many luxurious designs. For example, stud walls with waterproof boards enable you to make innovative additions to the bathroom such as a concealed cistern; wall hung toilet, wall hung basin, etc. to enhance the bathroom design. You can also create an open plan shower design for the bathroom.

Enhances the Property Value

A fully waterproofed bathroom signifies that a high-quality bathroom has been made by expending time, efforts and money. Moreover, waterproofed bathrooms are very much in trend, and most home buyers do not mind spending extra money for a house with waterproofed bathroom. This enhances the property value appreciably and adds to the value of the property.

Easy to Clean

A waterproofed bathroom does not require many things such as shower screen or tray, which makes it much easier to clean as compared to a non-waterproofed bathroom. Also, a waterproofed bathroom also has no dampness and moisture related problems.

Superior Protection

A waterproofed bathroom is much better protected as compared to a conventional toilet or bathroom. The life of the tiles and grouts used in such a bathroom is enhanced significantly. The risk of accidents caused due to slipping is also eliminated because the bathroom does not get damp.

How is it Done?

Waterproofing is a task which needs to be entrusted solely to professionals with adequate experience in the field. The first and foremost step for waterproofing is to create a gradient along the floor to enable the water to collect in a drain. A conventional MMO method of producing the gradient is by installing a sub-floor made of fibro-compressed sheets of the concrete slab. It is then tiled over. After that, the entire process of waterproofing the room is commenced.

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