Let’s Understand the Meaning of Patio Enclosure

Let’s Understand the Meaning of Patio Enclosure

The word Patio is a Spanish word, which means a space, which joins the home and is open to sky. You can say “Angan” or quadrangle. Patio enclosure means additional area outside or inside the home vicinity to give more spacious look encircled with boundary walls. It can be used as a shelter, for sunbath, or seating area. You either can go for fully enclosed area or partly enclosed area, it entirely depends on your need.

You have various options to choose from different kind of patio enclosure to give your home an attractive look.

Some patios discussed below:

  • Flagstone – Red, buff, and blue colors are readily available. It can be easily eroded and splitting is possible, which makes it difficult to work with.
  • Clay Brick – These are rich looking and can be laid on sand. Due to their handy weight and size, it becomes easy to install them.
  • Concrete – It is inexpensive to use concrete for patio. They are highly durable and you can get variety of designs.
  • Gravel – It is easily and quickly installable. There are two variations in this; one is river rock or crushed stone. The size available for gravel ranges from quarter inch to one inch in diameter. It needs high maintenance and in some cases, it is seen that walking becomes troublesome.

Patio Enclosure.

In addition to this, you can pack your outdoor space by using vinyl plastic panels or retractable vinyl curtains, which is much more suitable for your pocket and will fulfill the needs, as well. It is easy to install and is affordable. It is mostly preferred during winters because these are thick, which measures around 20mil.

Now, let us know what are the pros and cons of patio enclosure:


  • During winters you can enjoy sunbath sitting inside your home area
  • It is easy to install
  • It does not need too much expenditure thereby it is inexpensive
  • It turns your waste area into a usable one
  • It adds value to your home


  • During summer, it can heat up the home more.
  • The cost might get higher if the installation on post, beam, or roofs becomes mandatory.

Installation of patio

  • With a pen or marker mark the area of patio and determine its height. The slope area should be at least with a drop-off 1inch at every 8 feet of interval.
  • If the area has any sort of grass or soil, you need to clean it up before starting your work. Now, dig up the area for 4 inches of paver base, 1 inch of paver before adding stone. Maintain proper depth and slope.
  • For making paver base, you can use rake to spread it and until you get a firm area try to compact it as much as you can.
  • Pour the sand between and across the pipeline till the area is leveled.
  • Now, you can start placing stones into the sand and place them in outward manner.
  • You can cut pavers to match your design.
  • To give a finishing look, place stones at the edge of patio using landscape nails.
  • Using a broom sweep out the sand into gaps between the stones and with the help of plate contractor set the area.
  • Repeat the sand layer for the last time. And, again run a plate compactor so that it gets a smooth level.

So, here is a brief information about patio enclosures, how to install them, variations we can choose, and its uses. Go on get the right kinds for your home and install the patio enclosure today!

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