Major Impacts of LED Parking Lot Lights – Understanding the ROI

Major Impacts of LED Parking Lot Lights – Understanding the ROI

To change or not to change to LED lights, this is one question that is bound to doing rounds of your mind if you are managing a parking lot. Since LED lights have become the most used lighting solutions at homes and offices you’d know their benefits already. But retrofitting LED parking lot lights in place you’re your HID lights or going for complete new installation is an expensive project. The fact is offices, public parking lots and commercial centers that are yet to upgrade to these energy efficient lights are stuck in a dilemma regarding the cost of undertaking an upgrade project versus the return on investment.

Before we delve into the topic of ROI further let us try and look at some of the advantages that LED parking lot lights can offer. The biggest of course is the quality of lighting. Since you have the option to install more lights without adding to your energy bills (it would come down significantly in actual terms) you will be able to light up the parking lot better. LED lighting does away with one of the major problems that you currently face in terms of hot and dark spots in your parking lot thanks to more uniform lighting. Secondly, it allows you to reduce your carbon footprint which every responsible commercial place, business or institution needs to do given the kind of dangers we face due to our hunger for energy.

To get back to our main discussion of this piece with regards to return on investment vis-à-vis upgrading to LED parking lot lights you would benefit in many ways. LED lights make major impacts when it comes to your operational and maintenance cost. Here we take a look at some of the ways in which this 21st century lighting solution can offer you great ROI in the long run and improve your bottomline –

Save on Energy Bills
This is something you’d already know and the reason behind the popularity of LED lights in spite of their higher input costs which of course has come down over the last decade. If you have switched to LED lights in your interiors you may have already seen drop in your energy bills. But what you perhaps don’t realize is the potential savings you can have by switching to LED lights for your parking lot. Your parking lot is the place that contributes lion’s share to your total energy consumption. In fact a break-up of your energy bills would tell you that most of your energy outgo would be towards lighting up your parking lot if you have a big one to accommodate vehicles of customers and employees.

By switching to energy efficient LED parking lot lights you will be able to bring down your bills 60% on the conservation side and up to 80% on the higher side. Note we have mentioned a wide range and this is based upon the quality of LED lights you install as not all of them are made alike and how you plan out lighting in your parking lot. By adding smart controllers to your lighting system you will be able to keep your energy consumption to minimum. Harvesting solar energy also lets you bring down the costs. If you already have solar panels installed they can be connected with the LED lights in your parking lot and this will reduce your dependence on the grid.

Bringing Down Your Maintenance Cost
Sticking to ROI if you are operating HID lights in your parking lot you are aware of the never ending maintenance regime that this kind of lighting fixtures need. To start with these light fixtures have service life which is way lesser in comparison to LED parking lot lights. To put it in numbers the average lifespan of LED lights is around the 50000 hour mark which is almost four times the lifespan of your existing lighting fixtures. If you switch on the lights in your parking lot for 12 hours a day LED fixtures should easily last you for about 10-12 years.

Also HID lights tend to lose up to 50% of their useful lumens within a year or two thus darkening certain areas of your parking lot. In order to achieve optimal lighting you are often forced to change the lights in your parking lot much before their end of their complete life cycle which makes them further expensive to operate. Given the high labor cost involved in maintenance most businesses tend to change the lights in batches instead of changing only those fixtures that have failed. Add to it the high rate of failure for these lighting fixtures you are looking astronomically high costs. By switching to LED lights you will save immensely on the recurring expense in terms of changing lighting fixtures and also use them for their complete life cycle.

Improves lighting quality
The third major impact of LED parking lot lights is the overall improvement in the quality of lighting. If you are operating a retail store or a car dealership the quality of lighting in your parking lot can make huge difference in your sales and revenue. A well-lit parking lot outside a retail store or commercial center serves as a huge attraction for the customers. When they are assured of their safety and that of their vehicles they are more likely to choose you over your rivals. Similarly for a car dealership quality lighting helps in highlighting the vehicles and creating the desire in the minds of the potential customers. In fact for any business, institution or commercial place LED lights presents a professional picture which will surely bring more money in some way or the other.

To conclude LED parking lot lights can make a world of difference for you in terms of bringing down your energy bills and helping you save money in several other ways. Being a revolutionary technology it is playing its role in making the world a cleaner and greener place. By choosing to work with a reputable LED lighting company you will be able to reinvent the lighting and the feel in your parking lot and enjoy several benefits it brings along.

Summary: In this write-up look at the major impacts of LED parking lot lights and how they promise high return on investment upon installation.

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