Notable Advantages of Installing Double Glazed Sliding Windows at Home

Notable Advantages of Installing Double Glazed Sliding Windows at Home

Windows are meant for enabling ventilation and entry of natural light into the rooms. When a window is made of two glass panes with an inert air captivated between these glass sheets, it is termed as the double glazed window. There are many benefits of installing this window in all the rooms of modern houses. Moreover, now the builders prefer to install double glazed sliding windows, which save space and keep the indoors totally insulated. Apart from that, double glazed windows can save your power consumption cost and they can keep your room cool during summer. Similarly, they will block the cool airflow from outside and keep your rooms warm during winter.

Main Reasons for the Popularity of Double Glazed Sliding Windows

  • Keep rooms comfortable: The double glass panes and the inner layer of inert air insulate the indoors and prevent up to 70% of the heat transfer in or out of the rooms. Thus, the double glazed sliding windows keep the room warmer during winter and much cooler during summer days. In winter, heat is prevented from leaving the rooms at nights.
  • Save energy expense: Since these double glazed windows insulate the indoors throughout the year, people need to switch on their room heaters or air conditioners for much lesser time. Thus, a large amount of electricity is saved due to the presence of these insulating windows, and you need to pay very less electricity cost every month. So these windows are also environment-friendly due to this energy efficiency.
  • Block outdoor noises: It is found that the double glazed sliding windows can stop the entry of disturbing noises from outside up to 60%. Thus, the residents can expect a much quieter and peaceful life at home, after installing these windows in their bedrooms and living rooms. This facility is more important for the houses located by the busy main roads or too noisy neighbourhoods.
  • Prevent condensation: Normally, atmospheric water particles condense on the cooler window panes, leading to the rise in mildew or moulds on window frames. However, the double glazed windows prevent this condensation due to its airtight insulation and trapping of heat within the glass panes, which stops the condensation of water particles on glass surfaces.
  • Provide more security: It is seen that the double glazed sliding windows are much stronger than the ones with single glass panes. Thus, it is tougher for the intruders or burglars to break in the house through these windows. Such double glazed windows can protect your property from vandalism and keep your family secured.
  • Better longevity of windows: The frames of double glazed windows are usually made of metal coated with titanium dioxide or similar durable chemicals. Thus, these window frames do not fade away or damaged in any way, retaining the original condition of the windows for many years.
  • Resist spread of fire: Normally, glass is resistant to fire and the layer of inert air trapped between the double glass panes stops the fire from crossing the windows. Moreover, this air layer acts as a fire extinguisher and saves the house from the extensive damage of the fire.
  • Increase property value: The potential buyers feel more interested to buy houses with double glazed sliding windows, even at a higher price. Thus, the investment made on installing these windows is worthy for the house owners and may help them to achieve better profits while selling their properties.

Hence, now the owners of all residential houses and even commercial buildings want to install the double glazed windows, to avail all these benefits.

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