Setting Up a Guest Bedroom

Setting Up a Guest Bedroom

One of the most neglected rooms of the house, until it becomes convenient, is the guest bedroom. Somehow throughout the year this area of the house seems to always attract bits and pieces of items that slowly form a clutter. Though not all houses have a separate guest bedroom, whether it’s just setting up a spare mattress in the living room. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can take to ensure that your family and friends will have the best comfortable welcoming space.

A blanket, Obviously.

Aside from the obvious that you should get prepared before their arrival, such as sheets, blankets and pillows, a good idea to have is adding a few blankets in a reachable spot. The best way to make your guests feel welcome is to make it convenient for them to access things that they might need during their stay. Keeping extra blankets for the colder nights or a spare fan for the warmer temperatures gives your guests an option in the middle of the night to help themselves. If you have a guest bedroom, it is not hard to find locally an affordable quality bedside table at any bedroom furniture sale in NZ. Store the extras inside the bedside and let your guests what’s available to them.

inexpensive bedroom furniture
inexpensive bedroom furniture

Variety in Bedroom Furniture in NZ

If they are staying for more than just one night, it is a good idea to give them a cleared out space for them to store their clothes and belongings. In a guest bedroom, try keeping one drawer in a shelf free but placing an arm chair in the room to act as an another storage location is smart too.

You can find some bed manufacturers in NZ make beds with storage drawers underneath. This is an effective storage method if you have a smaller room and are tight for space.

Basics and essentials

Setting up the nightstand is something that is overlooked as the main focus goes to making sure the bed is as ready as possible. However, just by adding a drinking glass or bottle of water, reading lamp and some bathroom basics (toothbrush, toothpaste ect.) you can make your guests experience feel all the more comfy. If you don’t already have a bedside table, it is definitely a must have. Thankfully, there are inexpensive bedroom furniture in NZ than one would think and is definitely much more affordable than trying to import.

Bedroom Furniture
Bedroom Furniture

Can I get a towel?

Whether or not they’ve brought one themselves, always provide your guest with bath towels. Towels are often left behind when travelling because of their large size in a suitcase. The last thing you want your guests to experience is the awkward call for a towel at the end of a shower. Definitely not the best way to welcome them, though it would bring good stories.

Setting up a guest bedroom is not always easy and can be stressful if left to the last minute. Fear not there is an easy simple solution. You can keep a few items set up and left before even expecting a guest. Simple things like a pile of magazine to keep your guests occupied when jet lag arises can really make a difference in their experience, but whether it is a pile of magazines or a boring box of tissues, you will make a truly joyous experience for your guest by leaving the wifi password on a post-it next to the bed.

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