Smart design: The Best Furniture Choices for Every Room

Smart design: The Best Furniture Choices for Every Room

Your personal environment can make a significant difference when it comes to your mood and energy. Crowded space, no freedom of movement, clutter and generally dysfunctional furniture pieces don’t make a home. This spring may be the right moment to start afresh and redesign the look of your every room. By going with a stylish yet functional design and furniture choices, you can make the most out of your home environment.

1. Start with a hallway

If your hallway is dark, plain, with footwear scattered all over the floor, it’s clear that you can’t feel comfortable upon entering your home. If you have a small hallway, a shoe cabinet as well as wall hangers for your coats can truly make a difference. Moreover, you can use the top of the cabinet for an extra lamp or a plant pot. On the other hand, an extra table that would be a great surface for your everyday necessities is perfect for a bigger hallway and for warming up the whole design. You can also play with some DIY light solutions to make this area brighter.

2. Living room bliss

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The first thing you should do about your living room is analyze the layout. Little tweaks here and there can make wonders. Pull your couch and armchairs away from the walls. Get rid of any seating option that’s simply making a mess. Create a balance. If your furniture is bold in form, opt for a smaller and sleeker coffee table. If your coffee table is a real statement piece, your furniture should be simpler in design. Instead of filling this room with bulky shelves, keep these minimal and add an ottoman that has a storage option.

3. A perfect bedroom

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It’s essential for you to realize that a comfy bedroom shouldn’t have more furniture pieces than a nice wardrobe, comfy bed, one or two nightstands and perhaps an extra detail. This detail can be a unique chair (rocking chairs are making a comeback) or an interesting trunk at the foot of your bed that could hold some extra clothes. In general, the statement piece here should be your bed. If you’re stuck with a plain-looking bed, make it more interesting by creating your own canopy bed. What’s more, declutter the clothes that you never wear so that you can have more space in your wardrobe.

4. A functional dining room and kitchen

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The recent trends involve the effective fusion of a dining area and kitchen space. In that respect, extendable dining tables can be a great option for a smaller room. On the other hand, using outdoor dining furniture for indoor purposes is considered to be a great addition to the relatively boring kitchen look. The important thing here is to get rid of all the products that you don’t use or are past their expiration date. The KonMari method can be really helpful in this case.

5. A stylish bathroom

Again, it’s essential that you go through all your bath and beauty products so that you can bid farewell to everything that’s unnecessary in your bathroom. Putting up shelves that would hold these items can bring order to this space. A statement mirror as well as a bamboo basket for your towels would add a nice zen touch that’s so popular nowadays. For some serious renovation work, consider installing gorgeous freestanding baths that can create a stunningly elegant look in any bathroom.

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Great decorative pieces here and there are always welcome but remember that the hottest modern trend these days involves furniture that offers both décor and functionality. If you take the time to clean up your home of all the unnecessary clutter, you can assess which furniture pieces could do with a little makeover, and which can instantly refresh your home when repositioned.

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