Things to Consider Before Buying a Crystal Chandelier!

Things to Consider Before Buying a Crystal Chandelier!

Crystal chandeliers are a royal home decor and with their elegance and beauty, they amaze all. They are known to uplift the aura of any dwelling. They are available in various sizes, shapes and designs and thus, you can find the perfect one for any room or decor setting. But, picking the best crystal chandelier is one of the most difficult tasks and we all get confused amongst the different patterns and styles that we see in the stores. Here, we would talk about some of the points that you have to consider when you are buying a crystal chandelier:

The size of the room: this is the most basic thing that you have to consider, as you need to be sure about the exact dimensions of your room when you are buying a crystal chandelier. There is no need to be over efficient, as placing a large chandelier in a small space would look intimidating and the facade would be unpleasant. Also, a small chandelier in a large room would go unnoticeable and the look would be dwarfed. Thus, knowing the dimensions of the room is a necessary thing and this would help you in selecting the perfect chandelier for your space.

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Consider the decoration and design of your space: design and decoration of your room is something very essential without which you can’t pick the chandelier that can transform your space into something very enticing and amazing. The chandelier that you have picked should have a design, which complements your room and matches with the surrounding too.a crystal chandelier could blend perfectly into your room, but only when you have considered the decor of your room while buying it. This way, your room would look impressive and it would also give a classy touch to your home.

The type of lights that are used in the chandelier: the outer decoration of the chandelier is necessary, but you must consider the what on the inside. The types of lights that are used in the chandelier should be of high quality and must emit enough light. The lighting should be very perfect otherwise it would spoil the entire impression. You can follow the general rule, which says that the total wattage, which is used by all the bulbs should not be more than 200 to 400 watts.

Choosing the crystals: the only thing that attracts a crystal chandelier is the crystals and there is a variety of them available in the stores. The crystals can be regal crystals, strass crystals, Swarovski crystals and imperial crystals. The best of all is the stress crystals, as they provide a flawless appearance to the chandelier. But, the thing is that they are expensive. If you are not worried about the price and want a highly sophisticated look, then strass crystals should be your choice. The way these crystals are cut and designed is simply amazing. If we talk about the regal crystals, then they are kind of traditional in both ways design and use. The designing of the real crystals is done by using a traditional process, which is as old as the hills. The Swarovski crystals are a good alternative to the costly crystals and they offer luxury at a very reasonable rate. Thus, you can pick any one as per your budget and choice.

Choosing the frame of the chandelier: While buying a new chandelier, you have to check if the frame is good enough. The frame is responsible for adding beauty and thus, you have to seek perfection in a careful manner.

The difficult task is to select the perfect chandelier for your dining room, as there are 1000s of designs available online and every design looks amazing. You can follow a few steps in order to find the perfect one for your dining room. Firstly, you need to decide the style, like if you need something that would provide an old school look or something which is modernistic and up-to-the-minute. Crystal chandeliers are like an extension to the styling of your décor, thus you should consider the size of your table and the height of the walls before buying one, otherwise, the entire décor would look odd. A very small chandelier won’t get noticed and the too big chandelier would overpower the space.


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We also have an extensive range of chandeliers, which would make the décor of your more glinting and attractive. By getting a crystal chandelier from us, you would surely get the space, which has a visual appeal that can grab the attention of all.

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