Tips For Preparing Your House Before You Put It On The Market

Tips For Preparing Your House Before You Put It On The Market

Selling any home can be a laborious process so whether you’re thinking of selling in a few years, or if your property is already on the market, we’ve got a few tips to help you sell your home as quickly as possible, for the best price.

Consider investing in a home improvement project

If you are thinking of selling your property in a few years but haven’t yet put the property up for sale, consider investing in a home improvement project. You will benefit from a few years use, but it can also add value to your home. You will also be making your property more unique and potentially increasing the space in your home, making it more appealing to buyers. Consider a garage or loft conversion, a roof replacement or install solar panels. To find a roofing and building company in your area who can talk you through your options Google ‘roofing Sunderland’, for example, and see how they can help transform your home.

If you are further down the line in the selling process and are excepting some viewings on your property, there are a few things you should consider to ensure you are showing off your property’s potential.

Depersonalise the house

Firstly, before your viewings, try to depersonalise the house as much as possible. This will help potential buyers visualise themselves living in your house. Many people would not recommend trying to sell a completely unfurnished house, if possible, but take down photographs and other personal items that really make the house yours.

Make minor repairs

You want to show your house to potential buyers in the best light possible and want buyers to be impressed by its current condition, so make sure you make some minor repairs. For example, replace any cracked floor tiles, fix any leaks, fix doors that don’t close properly, and replace all broken bulbs. All these small changes will make a big difference to a buyer and allow you to show off your property’s potential. It also shows that the property is cared for and loved.

Clean, clean, clean

You need to ensure your home really sparkles before every viewing. It can be laborious to make sure your home is clean and tidy before every viewing, but it will be worth. Imaging you are the buyer and stand in the doorway of every room, imagining you are seeing it for the first time and address any issues that stand out to you. Always ensure all your windows are clean inside and out, vacuum, polish, mow the lawn and trim your bushes. Remember buyers love to snoop so clean the refrigerator and keep your cupboards and wardrobes tidy.

Enhance natural light throughout your home

Finally, remember natural light is something many potential buyers look for in a home. One way to enhance the natural light as much as possible in your home is by painting darker walls a lighter colour. If you opt for a more neutral colour, this will also help you depersonalise your home. Buy bright light bulbs, take down dark, heavy curtains that block natural light even when open, and trim any bushes that obstruct windows and block the natural light.

There you have it, our top tips for selling your home. Remember to take a step back and imagine seeing your house through your buyer’s eyes. According to, “buying or selling a home normally takes 2 to 3 months”, but with these tips, you will have you house sold at the best possible price in no time.

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