What Are the Various Aspects of Setting Up A Commercial Kitchen?

What Are the Various Aspects of Setting Up A Commercial Kitchen?

It requires time, efforts, hard work, and proper equipment to start a commercial kitchen. The big kitchens in hotels and restaurants are not incorporated in a single day. There are a number of factors that are responsible for the success of a commercial kitchen. Well, from the type of cuisine offered & preparation techniques to the size of the kitchen & appliances installed in the kitchen, everything plays a significant part. Commercial kitchens typically include much larger spaces than traditional residential kitchens.  Also, the type of appliance parts and accessories used in a commercial kitchen are different from the domestic ones. Let’s understand the various aspects of incorporating a commercial kitchen.


For setting up a commercial kitchen it is must to have a spacious area where you can prepare food for a number of your customers. A hotel or restaurant’s kitchen must be divided into stations. There are various food stations such as catering, baking, grilling, frying, etc. Each station provides the space and the necessary equipment and serving dishes to prepare the menu offerings. From raw materials to plating, the station has everything for the chef. So, the area plays a very crucial role in the design of a commercial kitchen.

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Appliances and Equipment

Kitchen appliances and Equipment is the soul of a commercial kitchen. Well, residential equipment is different and are not designed to handle large-scale food preparation and requires frequent replacement. Commercial kitchens, on the other hand, use durable equipment designed specifically for mass food production. Various kitchen accessories online stores such as CashParts offer the top-grade kitchen appliances and equipment.  The equipment used in a commercial kitchen offers more safety than the appliances installed in residential kitchens. Also, if you require the best quality appliance repair parts then these places are the one-stop solution. From refrigeration supplies to gas parts, you can find anything at affordable prices. Also, if any of your appliances need repair or replacement, these online commercial supply stores offer high-end spare parts manufactured by the top brands.


The layout of a commercial kitchen is completely different from a regular kitchen. The pattern and design of a kitchen must be perfect for the free flow of traffic. One has to take care of the movement patterns, additional electric& gas outlets at every station, floor drains, water supply, utensil cleaning area, and many other things. Moreover, the placement of certain appliances such as a refrigerator is very crucial because cooling of stored foods is set at a specific temperature.  So, it is quite essential to plan and design the layout of the commercial kitchen in such as way that everything is at the perfect place.

Safety Standards

The most important step in incorporating a commercial kitchen is ensuring the safety standards. Fire retardant systems integrated into the structure of the building can offer a lot of safety. Also, automatic fire suppression systems controlled by sensors installed near cooktops can offer a great help in emergency situations. For a hotel or restaurant its kitchen is the Heart and ensuring the proper safety from every point of view is mandatory. Commercial kitchens must meet health code requirements for all preparation operations and food storage. Healthy kitchen operations include:

  • Forbidding co-mingling of hand washing and food preparation in the same sink area
  • Avoiding disease and illness
  • Set temperature for dishwashers
  • Refrigerators must cool or freeze sufficiently
  • Proper Disposal method
  • Use of thermometers for testing equipment

By following all these safety standards and health codes a commercial kitchen not only ensures the best services to the customers but also thinks of the well-being of its staff.

Kitchens are prepared with passion and attention to detail, using the finest materials available. Elegant touches of innovation can be seen in the wide range of commercial kitchens. Focus on innovation, and excellence to set up a beautiful kitchen that will enhance your hotel or restaurant’s goodwill.

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