What Are The Various Types Of Concrete Cutting Services?

What Are The Various Types Of Concrete Cutting Services?

Concrete cutting refers to the technique of drilling holes through walls, ceilings, and other concrete surfaces. Concrete is regarded as among the toughest materials to be found on the planet, given that it is extremely hard. Concrete cutting needs specialization and requires the services of professionals with a high level of training as well as the requisite tools for dealing with the project.

The Various Types Of Concrete Cutting Services

Dry Sawing

This technique is used exclusively for outdoor or exterior projects. A lot of dust is produced in this type of concrete cutting method, as compared to the wet cutting process. Professionals use a diamond blade cutter for such types of projects. Diamond’s strength aids in keeping the blade safe from overheating when there is no water. When a dry saw is used, small chips of concrete start flying in all directions. Dry saws are very powerful and are perfect for large-scale outdoor concrete cutting services.

Wet Sawing

It is a safer method of concrete cutting, as compared to the process of dry sawing. It is marked by operational safety and dust reduction. Due to water, the temperature of the saw stays cool. Thus, this is a more convenient method of cutting concrete. The wet sawing method, however, is eco-friendlier than the dry concrete sawing technique. Unlike the dry sawing technique, it does not lead to breathing ailments in bystanders and operators.


Wall Sawing

It is involved with cutting of walls and other vertical structures made of concrete in buildings. Mostly, wall saws are utilized for making openings in these buildings to allow windows and doors to be included. This type of saw makes use of diamond blades of superior quality, to ensure there is minimal friction at the time of cutting the vertical concrete structure. The services of an experienced and specialized technician are needed for this form of cutting. Thus, you have to ensure that you hire the most appropriate concrete cutting services provider for this kind of project.

Floor Sawing

In this technique, holes are cut into structures like:

  • Concrete bridges
  • Concrete decks
  • Concrete roads
  • Concrete pavements

If you require unique shapes and sizes to be cut into surfaces of hard concrete structures, this technique should be used. The primary advantage of using such a method is that the rest of the concrete surface can stay undisturbed.

Different types of machines are used for these kinds of projects, like:

  • 3-phase electric floor saws
  • Petrol saws
  • Diesel saws

Ensure that you engage only with concrete cutting services that are highly specialized, when such kind of projects have to be handled.


Ring Sawing

It is the most popular method for concrete project of small or medium sizes. This technique is akin to chain-sawing. It can help in making holes with utmost precision in confined areas. Ring saws happen to be handheld in form. Thus, it is more convenient to use them in areas that are hard to access or confined in form. These saws are used for precision-concrete cutting services, so as to prevent over-cutting or damaging of the concrete surface.

A ring saw can be used to cut easily through hard surfaces, like:

  • Acrylic
  • Marble
  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Granite

Wire Sawing

This is a top method for achieving very precise cuttings in reinforced concrete and steel structures. In case you would like to get various kinds of shapes in varied sizes, the wire sawing technique is the best one. Such tools handle the task with diamond embedded cables, and reduce wastage as much as possible in the entire process. This is an anti-vibration technique for concrete cutting services. Thus, no cracks are created around the cuts and openings.

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