The Various Types of Concrete to Suit the Applications and Purposes

The Various Types of Concrete to Suit the Applications and Purposes

Concrete is a frequently used material for construction all across the world and it is chosen because of its economical and durable benefits. Also known as pourable stones, concrete was widely used by Egyptians to build structures. They can last for thousands of years and it is the standard concrete, using gravel, sand and water, which is most popular.

Why Would You Choose the Concrete Materials for Your Home?

When you talk about concrete, they are of various kinds. A construction company uses concrete as per the needs, purpose and applications. The type of concrete is chosen as per its compressive strength which is the unit expressed as pounds psi or per square inch. Concrete has various applications people can build various parts of their buildings such as columns, beams, slabs or foundations with the concrete materials. Now people choose the concrete floor for their home because it is durable and people can easily make a polished concrete floor with glossy look at the low price.

The Very Popular Regular Concrete

Also known as the standard concrete, the regular concrete is available in various pre-mixed packages varying as per the water-absorption capacity and differing in settling capabilities. A lot depends on the kind of specific aggregate used. You may be wondering about the compressive strength of regular concrete. It ranges from 1450 psi to 5800 psi where ‘psi’ stands for pounds per square inch. If you need to construct load bearing heavy structures, you must not choose this type of concrete. You need to contact with the concrete contractors and they can help you to build the building or home as per your needs. A contractor can use it for lining the curbs, for carrying out any basic kind installation in the building. It may also be used for strengthening driveways, patios and sidewalks.


The Need for Using Pervious Concrete

Previous concrete is the type of concrete which makes up for the drawback of regular concrete. Regular concrete affects the groundwater supply since water cannot reach the ground when it is used owing to the compact nature of regular concrete. Previous concrete is the kind of concrete which allows some bit of water and air to pass through the concrete. It is the material which can prevent storm water runoff. It can also be combined with other material to increase the strength of the material.

Stamped Concrete to Mimic the Appearance of Other Kinds of Materials

Stamped concrete is another concrete material which mimics the appearance of materials such as cobblestone, brick, wood or other kinds of materials when it is treated. Building constructors can also use concrete featuring compressed strength when they need to use stamped concrete. It is decorative concrete which is produced with the addition of accent color and primary color to the concrete.

Shotcrete Concrete

Wherever the formwork is not required or is unnecessary, shotcrete concrete is used. The material can also be used when you are building a structure against the rock. To strengthen the material further, one can add accelerators and reinforcements to it.

The Ultra High Performance Concrete Is The New Kind Of Concrete

Agencies involved in the protection of infrastructure have come up with this new kind of concrete called ultra high performance concrete. The material is here reinforced by steel fiber to add to the durability. This material also combines other materials like fine grained sand, Portland Cement of high strength and constitutes special blends as well.

Among the above mentioned types of concrete material, one can choose suitable types as per the requirement and the nature of the structure to be formed. There are also lightweight concrete, high density and mass concrete available in the market.

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