Wormy Chestnut Timber and Its Installation and Storage Guide

Wormy Chestnut Timber and Its Installation and Storage Guide

Timber flooring is the most innovative and practical options for any home floors. Whether you are renovating, building or decorating your house, using timber flooring has its own benefits. When it comes to timber flooring there are limited sources of good quality timbers for flooring, and the Wormy Chestnut Timber is one of the best options for you. This is the kind of timber that has many unique characters and popular flooring options today. It is not just only limited to flooring material, but it is also used for designing a variety of home furniture. But if you want to decorate your house in a traditional way then you must use some timber flooring because they are elegant and stylish.

What is Wormy Chestnut Timber?

Wormy Chestnut Timber is the reclaimed timber options that offers the same feel and look of a freshly cut timber. This is the timber which is environmentally friendly because it is reclaimed timber and can be used for a variety of purposes. This is the prime reason why people prefer installing this timber in their floors and this helps them to contribute towards nature by sparing the new trees from being chopped.

This is the timber option which is globally acclaimed for its unique aged characteristics, and you can find them different colors. Considering this fact, you can know understand why this timber is the sought after material for flooring and for home furniture.

Important things to know about Wormy Chestnut Timber:

The timber that is intended to be used for flooring is masterly wrapped in the quality plastic sheet, and this layer of plastic protect the timber form moisture which may incur during storage and transportation. The Wormy Chestnut Timber is the natural and sensitive product which expands and contracts according to the changes in the season. Therefore, the timber is likely to get damaged due to moisture content in air and hence it is necessary that you become accustomed with the local climate prior to opting for this flooring material. Before installation, you need to remove the plastic wraps from the timbers and the timber needs to be exposed to the air conditions in environment where it is intended to be installed. The time required by the timber for acclimatizing with the environment usually varies. But according to the professionals, the home owners must give two weeks to the timbers to acclimatize with the environment before it is being installed.

Installation and Care Guide of Wormy Chestnut Timber!

If you are intending to install the solid hardwood Wormy Chestnut Timber on your floors, then, you must create sufficient sub floor ventilation for optimal performance of the flooring. This is the sensitive timber and if any moisture or humidity is locked beneath the timber, the board will absorb it and as a result the timber flooring would damage easily. So, it is necessary that cross ventilation is offered, and this will be done precisely by the professionals. This cross ventilation would reduce the expansion and cupping up of the floors because of locked moisture and humidity beneath the floors.

All aspects of hardwood flooring need to be taken care of by professional right from installation, sanding and polishing the floors. After successful installation of Wormy Chestnut Timber on your floors, you need to take proper care of the timber to enhance its performance for years to come. But still, it is suggested to hire trained professionals to install such timber flooring because they have the proper tools to install the same. Now you can search such chestnut timber flooring online and choose the best according to their shades and colors.

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