3 Tips to Find the Right Carpet Contractor

3 Tips to Find the Right Carpet Contractor

What is the first thing that you observe when you enter someone’s house?

Most people would answer this question by stating that flooring is what people observe instantly upon entering one’s house. The flooring of your house has the greatest surface area hence guests and get to examine it closely. Therefore, when your carpets are worn out, it is most likely to reflect poorly on your reputation for home economics.

If you have shabby old carpets lying around which are bleached out, faded, stained, or are of an undesirable colour, you should immediately discard them and contact a carpet installation company. What if your carpet is in good shape but doesn’t match the colour scheme of your house? Your money would all go to waste if you replace a carpet you recently invested in. Mostly, brand new carpet installation is the only solution to problems like these hence read on to find out the essential’s tips for carpet installation at your house!


Always remember that customer reviews are always honest and crucial if you’re looking forward to buying something. For this very reason, online reviews or friendly recommendations are a helpful tool when you’re installing brand new carpets or repairing old ones at your house. Ask your friends, relatives, or co-workers who they would recommend. Even if an installer comes recommended, it does not mean the installer is qualified enough to install your carpet. You should still ask for their license in any case and also verify their insurance and bond if required.

The real good installers are very difficult to find. They have an extremely packed and busy schedule due to their great word-of-mouth reputation. These professionals may not need to advertise in order to keep busy, so the only way to find them maybe through someone who knows them personally or someone who has hired them in the past.



Always remember that the contractor you hire needs to provide you with a package that fits your budget well. There are a lot of things homeworkers need to consider before carpet cost can be accurately estimated such as the materials, adhesives, and removal of the previous flooring! Therefore, there are many fees and charges that you might encounter all depending on the design of your home and the type of carpet you select for your home.

If you have a flight of stairs and they need to be carpeted you can expect a minimum charge of $50-$75 for a basic flight of stairs. If you require normal carpeting on a flat floor then that would cost you around $2 – $5 per yard. There is another charge that you may encounter and that is for removing old carpeting and padding, that would cost you around $3 per yard. Hence, be careful of any surcharges or hidden costs for carpet repair or installation!

Experience Results in Customer Satisfaction

Find out how long the installation company has been in business, or how much work has it done in houses and apartments. Keep in mind that less experienced installers may trick you into hiring them due to the low prices they have to offer per yard but the truth is that they are new to the market and do not properly know their job.

It is commonly believed that experienced floor installers tend to do a much better job at padding and preparing the floor before the installation takes place. Doing a much better job at floor preparation can significantly increase the lifespan of the flooring that you are looking forward to installing at your house!

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