5 Benefits of Solid Oak Flooring and how can you Decorate your Home

5 Benefits of Solid Oak Flooring and how can you Decorate your Home

When it comes to decorate your floor with the greatest varieties of wood, nothing can surpass the beauty and durability of solid oak flooring that gives you the final worth for money, and that also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home. Solid oak flooring looks dignified, polished and it gives a classy and elegant look to your floors. You can start a new floor construction with the solid oak flooring, or else, you can also renovate your old floor with the type of hardwood flooring that can be done with oak wood. Oak wood is not just aesthetically pleasant, but it also gives you the best value for money, although the initial cost can be very high. If you know the customized options of getting the oak wood floors installed in your home or in your office, then also you can contact with the hardwood experts and the Oakwood floor dealers to get the best solid wood flooring options.

What are the Benefits of Installing the Solid Oak Flooring?

Solid Oak Flooring
Solid Oak Flooring
  1. It is costly but Durable: The prime reason why most people do not agree to install oak flooring is that, it is much costly, and it initially costs much although it is tougher and more durable than the normal vinyl or PVC flooring. There are also other varieties of wood like chestnut wood, cedar wood or apple wood, but these are not as strong as the hard and solid oak flooring. Since it is hard wood, it does not become soggy or get affected due to weather or temperature fluctuations in any manner.
  2. They are better than the Laminated Flooring options: Although laminated floors are less costly and they can be installed and maintained very easily, they are not that much durable as the solid oak flooring. Recycled chips of wood are added to laminate flooring systems, and they are not durable or they do not last long in harsh weather conditions. The surface of the solid oak wood does not warp or get discolored even after prolonged use, and it gives you the ultimate value for money.
  3. Solid Oak Flooring can be sanded and reprinted according to your requirements: When it comes to reprint and sand the wooden floors, the oak floorings and the solid oak wooden floors are the best options when it comes to measure the durability of the floors. They can be designed according to your requirements and the cost can vary according to the type of design, color and size of plank that you choose.
  4. Solid Oak Flooring is quite Resilient and it does not get affected by Moisture or Fungus: If you install solid oak flooring, then it will last for long, and it does not get affected by fungus or bacterial invasion. The white oak is not susceptible to water absorption and moisture accumulation and it is also not a quite big investment when it comes to use for your regular use. In case you need to maintain the solid oak flooring, you can just use some cleaning liquids or else, you can sweep the floor with some moist cotton cloth.
  5. White Oak is more suitable to be used for your Home or Office since it looks good, and it has more Durability: White oak, when not engineered, can be used for multiple purposes, and when it is used in the raw form, it is best suited to be installed in commercial flooring systems.

So now, you can call in the timber flooring experts to get your solid oak flooring installed in no time. They will also tell you about the installation and maintenance of the oak flooring.

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