5 Home Decor Ideas for a More Natural Look

5 Home Decor Ideas for a More Natural Look

Coming back to a comfortable, clean home after a long day’s work is one of life’s greatest pleasures. In a world where it seems everything is moving a mile a minute, we all desire a place to escape from our hectic lives, and a beautiful, natural home can provide just that. With the amount of time we spend locked indoors, we sometimes forget how important it is to reconnect with nature and feel connected to the outside world. If you’re looking to enhance the natural atmosphere of your home, here are 5 decor ideas that will help bring nature into your home, and bring you back to yourself.

1. Spruce Up the Room with Plants

Sometimes it can be easy to get wrapped up in expensive decorations and that you forget one of the easiest ways to add natural beauty to a space is by adding plants. Placing succulents, potted plants and flowers near entryways, on window sills, and other flat surfaces around your home can immediately spruce up the appearance. Some benefits of adding plants inside the home also include improved air quality, upliftment of mood, and natural enhancement of the room aromatically. Just be sure to water your plants regularly and your good to go.

2. Use Soft Colors

Modern research has demonstrated that colors have an effect on mood, while certain colors also have the ability to soothe and heal. Knowledge of these principles should be applied to get the most out of your home design. The color white can evoke a feeling of peace and calm and is both fresh and youthful. For a quiet, relaxing atmosphere, other colors that can be used to create this environment are light blues, greens and greys.

3. Hang Wooden Signs

When you think of “natural” design, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? It’s probably not metal or plastic. Wood furniture brings a rustic element to a room’s design. That’s why hanging a wood sign is an easy way to begin your process towards bringing nature into the home. Wood signs can be personalized with special phrases or images for any home, and are a great decoration for the living room, bedroom, and even kitchen.

4. Woven Chairs

Wicker chairs, tables, and other woven furniture are a great way to enhance the natural aesthetic of a house. They work inside or outside the home, offering a unique and intricate look to any space. When choosing wicker furniture for your outdoor collection, be sure to purchase all-weather synthetic wicker to ensure it will be safe in any type of weather. For your indoor spaces, wicker chairs with swivel gliders can make comfortable seating options.

5. Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Small windows don’t let in a lot of natural light, often leaving the rest of a room feeling small and closed off. If you replace your windows with full-length ones, you can achieve more natural light and improve your options for natural decorations to frame them with. If you are adamant about bringing inside as much organic light as possible, also consider trimming the trees outside your home that may be blocking light from coming in.

6. Candles for Lighting

Eliminating artificial light is another key step to creating a natural home. When the sun goes down and the natural light coming in through the windows has all but disappeared, candles can be lit and offer a glow that is both warm and cozy. Placing candles in metal containers can help reflect more light, and act as a safety precaution by eliminating the risk of flames spreading.

If you’ve been deciding on adding some new elements to your home, try implementing some of the simple decor ideas above to add a natural ambience to your home.

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