5 Master Ideas to Choose a Roof for Your Small Space

5 Master Ideas to Choose a Roof for Your Small Space

Not every home is blessed with a vast open space and nowadays space in crowded cities comes at a premium. In Small rooms, you might feel confined and uncomfortable. But certain design concepts may fool the eye and make interiors seem much bigger in space than they actually are. This effect depends on multiple factors like the color, arrangement of furniture and type of roofs of course. But if you have clever tricks to choose roof style then you can maximize the space you have. We have brought top 5 roofing tips for small homes that would definitely help you get the very best out of space.


  • Modern Gable Roof with Functional Design: The gable roof design is the most frequently built roof for both small and standard homes. This roofing style has a traditional yet modern architecture. It gives additional floor space for a loft and provides wall space as well. It extends the usable area and allows natural light entering the home. Another great reason to choose gable roof is to take leverage from its vaulted ceiling to add more volume to home space
  • Shed Roof, A Great Roofing Option: If you’re planning to build a loft and want to take advantage of as much space as possible, then shed roof is a perfect choice. The shed roof design is the great example of a simple, clean and useful roof structure. This one side roof allows you to have the tip of your roof at the maximum peak of the structure. It let you have plenty of natural lighting, enhanced views and replaces the non-functional space with more interior volume.
  • Saltbox, A Sweet Roofing Style: Another option to choose roof for small homes is a saltbox roof. It’s quite similar to the shed roof but it provides you with two side’s slopingroofs. There’s no doubt that this roof style is simply sweet. The peak of this roof is off center. This roof gives you a chance to have a skylight that faces the stars at night. It better preserves the roof from leaks as well as perfectly utilizes the small space.
  • Flat Roof, A Seamless Structure: Flat roofs are the most commonly used option for all type of homes in the present day’s scenarios. These roofs are structurally sound but require extra attention to work in the long run. The Flat roof is easy to construct and a good example of a clean structure. We do not recommend flat roof design for snowy areas as it may not allow the snow & water to shed off.
  • Round Roof, A Pleasing Design: The round roof is one of the most unique & aesthetically pleasing roof designs for small homes. This is one of the stronger roofing styles and reliable in every climatic condition. This roof can be used to cover entire or single small section of your space. A plenty of research can help you choose this style with an assurance of strong structured roof.

Final Takeaway


Always have a look at the pros & cons of each roof type to ensure you choose a style that works best for your small home space. You can also take help from quality roofing contractors like New York Roofing Contractors to achieve the best possible results.

Share your master roofing ideas for small home space in the comments below.

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