5 Timber Flooring Changes to Welcome 2020 In A New Home

5 Timber Flooring Changes to Welcome 2020 In A New Home

Doesn’t my house look sort of 2020ish?

Well, yes, it does. And with those tiles on the floor, it looks boring too!

What should I do? I installed them a few months ago.

You can go for timber flooring.

Wow! I can certainly do that! Let’s sit and discuss a few more trends that could make my home new again.

We sat down for a while and then came up with a list of some significant changes which can make your house look new in 2020.

Here is the list for timber flooring changes.

timber flooring

  • Get timber flooring now! Enough with the traditional flooring styles. If you want to make a significant change in your home, then this is for you. Numerous families have widely adopted timber flooring across Australia. We can now even get our choice of timber with some dealers. All you need to do is get the inspiration to do it. Well, watch your favourite movie star’s movie, and I am sure you will have a glance of timber flooring in the house. Moreover, these won’t cost you a fortune. You can quickly get them changed or cleaned whenever required. Let 2020 be a new beginning for the floor of your house.
  • Bring some greenery inside: A decade has ended, and it’s time to bring something home. The garden that you have been maintaining since long must be brought inside now. Well, not literally! You can get a whole collection of indoor plants in the market or online. All you need is the money and order some for the living room and some for the bedroom. The next time guests visit your home; you will have all the greenery inside the room ready to welcome them home.
  • Make your home smarter: Timber flooring and bringing the garden home will inevitably change the look of your home. However, in this ever-changing world and a world ridden with technology, you need to stay updated too. Bring some smart home devices and replace the traditional home devices. The home assistant and several other devices will surely make your home top-notch. You can get all the help you need just with your voice. What’s best is, the next time you bring in co-workers for a party, you can impress them with the music, lure them with the smart lights, all with the help of the smart home devices you bring home.
  • Get new furniture: This happened with my friend. She had a home which she had renovated a few months back but had never got the furniture changed. Well, I believe the same case goes with most of us Aussies. Isn’t it? Well, if it is, and you are also adamant about changing the looks and feel of your house, then you must get the furniture in your home changed too. Get a new sofa set, large beds, trendy chairs, bring in some bean bags; all these define a modern house.
  • Install state-of-the-art security system: With the advent of technology, the security of your house can be taken to a whole new level. The traditional locks and keys are no more into use and if you are doing so, then its high time you should be replacing these. You will find a plethora of dealers in the market who sell these latest security systems for your house.


That’s it!

I believe the list we prepared will serve you the best. Well, my friend has already begun working on these. The last time I talked to her, she was out selecting the perfect material for timber flooring.

“These look so lovely!” she uttered in joy!

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