5 Ways to Make Your Backyard Feel More Private

5 Ways to Make Your Backyard Feel More Private

Your backyard should feel like an extension of your indoor space. Most importantly, you should be able to enjoy your backyard oasis without worrying about privacy from nosey neighbours! Luckily, there are tons of ways to make your backyard feel more private, no matter the size of your backyard. 


A cheap and easy way to create some privacy in any sized backyard is by using a bit of lattice. Typically used for supporting climbing plants, but the design of the lattice makes it a great way to add a bit of privacy to your backyard space and deck without blocking too much light or fully enclosing the space. 

You can put lattice up along your deck fencing where you typically have your seating area to create a privacy wall, or even use it to create a “roof” over your deck area for extra shade and to create privacy from overlooking houses. 

The best part is that lattice looks great too and is easy to paint and weatherproof to make it more cohesive with your outdoor setup. It also makes hanging fairy lights a breeze, helping to not only keep prying eyes out but create a sense of ambiance in your outdoor seating space.

Raised Terrace or Deck Enclosure

Creating a raised terrace or deck enclosure is another great way to make your backyard feel more private. A raised terrace is like a raised platform that can be built anywhere in your backyard and can include built-in privacy walls (typically on one or two sides of the terrace). A deck enclosure is similar to the raised terrace in that it incorporates walls into your deck design to block off areas where neighbours may overlook.  

A great carpentry company like Custom Edge Carpentry Inc will be able to seamlessly incorporate a raised terrace or deck enclosure into your backyard space. You don’t want to feel too removed from the outdoor space you’ve created so getting the insight and help of a professional is a great idea.


If you have a large backyard or have a deck that’s already built, making use of hedges can be a natural way to create some privacy in your backyard space. If your fencing is too low, planting hedges and trees that grow a bit taller than your fence can create a bit more separation from your neighbours. 

Additionally, you can plant hedges around the perimeter of your deck to create a more peaceful area to relax without worrying about your neighbours. The best part about hedges and trees is that they improve the look at feel of your backyard by incorporating more greenery. 

Vines and Living Walls

If you want to take the idea of using lattice for a privacy screen to the next level, create a living wall! This takes the functionality of lattice and allows you to incorporate more greenery and create a relaxing oasis on your patio or backyard seating area. 

Additionally, you can use vertical planters to create a sense of separation between you and your neighbours, while also growing beautiful plants or vegetables! This is a great option for those with smaller backyard spaces who want to utilize every inch. 

Privacy Panels

For a more permanent solution, consider having a decking or renovation company like Homestyle Renovations who build privacy panels for backyard spaces. Privacy panels are designed with the overall looks and feel of your backyard oasis in mind. 

You can have privacy panels built into your decking and patio area, or use them in other parts of your garden to create a peaceful retreat. Working with a great renovation company, you can customize your panels to fit the look and feel you’re going for – different types of woods, solid walls, lattice-style walls, pergola details, etc. 

If your outdoor space is important to you and you spend a lot of time enjoying it, investing in custom privacy panels is a great choice.


It can be difficult to create a sense of separation between our garden and that of our neighbours, especially when living in bigger cities or suburbs. Luckily, there are great options out there to help you create your own backyard oasis, and if you’re struggling to find the right solution, consulting a professional is a worthwhile investment!

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