6 Tips for Setting Up The Perfect Home Entertainment System

6 Tips for Setting Up The Perfect Home Entertainment System

Home theaters have made a huge impact on consumers. These systems provide a way to duplicate the cinema-going experience at home. Also, they offer a great way to get your family and friends together and revel in a shared entertainment experience.

The idea of setting up a home theater and installing adigital TV antenna may seem like an overwhelming task, but it does not have to be. The entire setup process is a project that is effectively completed by a qualified technician, guided by some insights and suggestions by the members of your household. This task requires planning, scientific acoustic manipulation and finesse.

Below, digital TV specialists share some great tips for successfully setting up the perfect entertainment system for your home.

1. Locate Your Visual Sweet Spot

Scientists and engineers have toiled long and hard to determine theoptimal viewing distance for watching a TV. You just have to multiply the diagonal screen size of the display by 1.5 to 2.5. That is how far your chairs, couch or any seating choices must be placed in relation to the front of the television.

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2. Don’t Forget to Check Your Angles

There are some HDTVs that can be viewed from any angle, either to the right, left or from below and above. So before drilling any holes or purchasing any new furniture likeTV wall mounts, the TV must be positioned where it is going to go. Next, turn it on. This will allow you to check and make sure that no seating options get completely short-changed.

While you are checking for bad angles, it’s also best to consider how much lighting is hitting your TV screen from the window at different times of the day. The same is true with artificial lights, such as track lighting and lamps. Even if your TV has the brightest image, it can be distorted by intense glare, so position the HDTV in a spot with as much constant shadow as possible.

Choosing a curved HDTV is the best solution for screen glare and bad angles. The subtle bend in such displays will increase the total viewing angle to each side of the TV. It can also limit total glare. By prioritizing this feature, some of the issues related to the entire home theater setup can be eliminated.

3. Use a Soundbar

Plenty of HDTVs today can pump out decent sound. However, nothing can deliver the cinematic experience like dedicated speakers. If you have limited space, get a soundbar as this can pack a number of speakers into one low-profile, horizontal package. You can also opt for sleeker models because they can fit snugly below the screen. If not, let your TV sit directly on top of speakers, as if they were a reinforced base.

Aside from that, you can also put small speakers in bookshelves. Make sure to position them to the right and left sides of the television. This will make the dialogues, sound effects and other audio seem to come from various directions. Also, this setup will help hide obstructive cables.

4. Provide Space for Wall-Shaking Bass

If you want to use a bass-only class of speaker, avoid mounting them in a cabinet because they will literally cause the room to vibrate. The vibrations will generate an unsettling rattle. Instead, place these boxy behemoths on the floor and provide enough space against one corner of your home theater.

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5. Get a Seat with a Stiff Back

When planning to watch lots of 3D content, consider getting yourself a chair with a stiff back. This way, you don’t have to tilt your head to either side while watching; this can distort the 3D effect as well. The kind of position typical to viewing while on a couch is not good. Your chair must face forward, in a way that does not encourage slouching that can lead to back pain.

6. Keep the Wires Hidden and Clean

Making sure that your wires are hidden well away from view is among the crucial things you must do when setting up a home theater. This will make your room look better. It will also prevent unnecessary clutter and prevent the onset of electrical fires. Consider using wire tapes and clamps to keep them together. Store them in the back spaces of the cabinets. Don’t forget to stick labels so you’ll know which device is plugged in.

Turning a typical room into a perfect home theater is not too difficult if you get help from professionals. Having an entertainment system at home will provide you with excellent thrills. It will also keep your family and friends entertained for several hours. This works great for parties, too. Follow these tips to get an impeccable home theatre system up and running in no time.

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