7 Chic Home Decorating Ideas

7 Chic Home Decorating Ideas

The majority of our time is spent in our homes. Gawking at the same objects can become dull. A unique touch can enhance the appearance of your house and upgrade it to look alluring and exquisite. So, what is chic? Originally a French word, chic means creating a sophisticated look for your mundane house.

You must have attempted a few DIYs or scrolled through Pinterest to find fascinating ideas to spice up your home. You don’t need to chase a high-end retail outlet for pieces of furniture or decorations to modify your home into a chic novelty house. You could tweak your furniture to turn your home into a lovely elegant abode. Here are a few no brainer ideas to renovate your house so that you can live in style.

Farmhouse chic style:

Rustic and refined, the farmhouse design means mixing textures properly, giving the indoor features a polished look. Tossing soft cushions on netted chairs look pretty, which becomes a mix of rough and soft decor items. Add stylish pieces of art on top of wooden tables and varnish the doors with sophisticated paints. You can use natural fibres such as wool, jute, and animal hide, by utilizing them as pillow covers, rugs and wall decors.

Design your curtains:

Tired of those ancient curtains? Style your own! It is one of the fastest ways to modify your curtains. Use specific dimensions, and your custom-made curtains are perfect for your small-sized windows. As curtains cost more than they should, it is an excellent fabric to make yourself. You could use stencils, sharpies, or make them out of your tablecloth! Gather the stuff lying around your house and make beautiful curtains all on your own.

Fashionable floor lamps:

Every room needs appropriate lighting. For a sense of drama, modern floor lamps are an exclusive enriching feature that presents a chic look. There are various things you can do with lamps. You could highlight a particular object, put it next to a chair or in the corner of your room. As they are portable, you can adjust it whenever necessary. Tripod lamps, Overarched lamps, and double-armed floor lamps are in fashion today. The best thing about floor lamps- you can change the lampshades as per your style and requirement.

Living room wall décor:

Take advantage of the open space you have in your living room. Personalize your walls with things you admire or embellish the walls themselves. Showcase gallery art, enormous art illustrations, fabrics, unique items, plants, chic storage shelves, and homemade weaving. You could declutter your house by hanging some of your belongings up on the walls. A vertical garden on your empty wall also provides a decent finish.

Hammock chairs:

Rapidly trending, indoor hammock chairs are the latest form of decorative wall hanging. These chairs can make a statement in guests’ rooms, the kids’ rooms or home offices. Hanging it near a window creates an excellent reading spot. When working on a small indoor space, opt for a multicoloured hammock chair. Make sure your hammock matches the interior of your home. If you are seeking something original to make your home stand out from the rest, indoor hammocks are a fabulous choice.

Place a statement chair:

The accent chair complements the décor and improves a monotonous spot. It becomes the focal point of your home, if you don’t have any, and sets the tone for your room. Accent chairs are equally decorative and handy. It is one of the easiest ways to update your house and add a bit of funk. Placing the perfect coloured accent chair will also assist in adding accessories revolving around the colour of the chair to give it a more combined look.

Express yourself through art:

You can choose from a range of artistic designs, such as framed art, canvas art, textile art, geometric display, sculptures or include a giant photograph. Insert it according to your personality and liven up your living room with custom-made designs and colours. It is an ideal solution for your blank walls, and you can mix-match it with the wall colours as well. You could also apply classy wallpapers to give it a 21st mid-century look.

Chic styles support neutral or earthly materials. Monochromatic colours are trending to adorn state-of-the-art villas. Applying a natural colour palette will transform your residence into a serene modernistic dwelling. For a posh look, eliminate superfluous detailing, keep it simple, and avoid extra fluff.

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