Advantages and Disadvantages of Landscaping in Office Spaces

Advantages and Disadvantages of Landscaping in Office Spaces

The Functionality of Landscaping

Landscaping allows the owner of the house to make efficient use of the land. The structures and the plants that are grown in the space are used to define the space for different purposes. A patio in landscaping offers an excellent casual dining environment and an outstanding entertainment experience. A garden bed that is raised provides the perfect spot for planting flowers or growing vegetables, which in turn improves the overall look of the house. Landscaping that is planned reduces the overall energy costs inside the house. Landscaping uses shrubs, trees, and other kinds of plants and provides good shade inside the house and also reduces the requirement of air conditioner. Also, the shrubs and trees provide a wind break during the winter and ensure that the house does not get over heated.

The Cost of Landscaping

Landscaping a yard in the office requires a lot of investment with respect to time and money. The money ranges from few hundred dollars to thousand dollars depending on the nature of the landscape. The user can handle the work himself and save the labor costs. However, installation of different items like water features is very labor intensive and provides a professional environment. In addition to this, the user has to go through different plants to determine what kind of plants need to be selected in addition to where exactly the plants should be placed. After this, the homeowners have to incur costs related to sealing wooden decks, replacing plants, and purchasing fertilizers like pesticides.

The Impact on The Environment

The impact of landscaping on the environment can be both positive and negative. Sometimes incorporating natural plants in the landscaping protects the environment. These plants do not require a lot of water because they usually grow naturally in all kinds of climate. Plants that are considered to be exotic usually require a lot of irrigation and care. Some plants have the ability to overtake the environment and drain out the natural resources.


The Social Requirements of Landscaping

Landscaping creates buffer zones that are green, which in turn improve the overall livability of the communities. It reduces the overall level of heat inside the house and drastically reduces the noise that gets into the house. Along with making the entire environment attractive, relaxing, and entertaining, landscaping has this ability to improve the livability of people in high density residential areas.

The Economic Value for Landscaping

Along with increasing the overall value of the house, it reduces the time the property spends in the real estate market. Also, landscaping reduces the overall costs related to heating and cooling of the house because of the greenery generated by the landscaping. In addition to making the homes more attractive to prospective home owners, landscaping creates a very healthy home by providing air that is clean and filters all the pollutants as well.

The overall value of the home is increased by properly routing the storm water and additionally reduces the threat of flooding. Also, the temperature is controlled based on the season. With the overall reduction of the soil degradation and evaporation, the overall value of the house gradually increases and makes it a haven for people who love greenery.

Overall landscaping is very critical when it comes to selling. It provides buyers a deep look at how the owner has looked after the home. If the landscaping in the form of pruned gardens shows that the owner is certainly proud of his property and will ensure that everything looks proper to visitors.

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