Affordable Ideas for Home Improvement

Affordable Ideas for Home Improvement

Who doesn’t want his home to look good and presentable? Anyone wants to raise his hand? Everybody wants his or her home to improve and be beautiful to behold not only for one’s self but for his family and friends too.

Improving the looks of your home is a herculean task and requires a big amount of money that is why others who are tight in their budget do not remodel or have their home get a makeover. This has always been the case before, but not now anymore.

Do not worry; here are some practical and affordable ideas that are perfect for average homeowners.

Restyle the house exterior

Since it is the very first thing that will be seen by people, it is but necessary to do a makeover for the exterior of a house. Do some simple changes.

  • Freshen up the landscaping add some greenery if possible, remove broken shutters, upgrade the light fixtures, professionally power-washed the entranceway and the house exterior.
  • If the front door is the primary feature of the house exterior consider painting it with strong color and accessorize it with low-voltage outdoor LED lighting, a letterbox and an address number.
  • If the house has a concrete driveway, add simple borders like bricks or whatever fits the style of it.

It will give the guests the first impression to the owner of the house, as the saying goes “First impression lasts”.

granite tiles

Give the living room a facelift

This is one of the places at home where a lot of time is spent together by family. It is imperative that what can be seen here are beautiful and easy on the eyes.

  • Remodel the old eyesore fireplace by removing the old bricks, or just by cleaning, painting and adding frame on it. There are DIY projects for remodeling a fireplace. Or
  • Also one thing that can add improvement to the living room is to put wallpaper on a wall. Aside from giving less effort and money for it, putting wallpaper on one wall gives life to a dull room. Choose a bold pattern that would overpower the four walls.
  • Make a custom semi do-it-yourself shelving unit which adds tasteful trimming and framing in the living room.

Give the kitchen a makeover

It is the heart of a home; therefore it should be healthy looking for everybody.

  • Replace leaky faucet, update light fixtures with energy-efficient LED lights,
  • Make kitchen cabinets that eliminate wasted corner space, a three-tiered pullout shelf.
  • Add backsplash to protect the walls from spills and splashes. This can be done easily without the help of a professional.
  • Having rollouts in the kitchen is one of the most satisfying upgrades you can have. They can easily help you find things that are out of your sight using only your fingertips. Just be sure to choose the right size. In measuring the opening of the kitchen cabinet, do not forget the hinges, door and other obstructions.
  • Change the kitchen countertops. Using granite tiles in countertops are beautiful, but it’s not always the best choice. It’s not economical to use. Granite paint can be used because it comes second to it, or recycled glass as one of the best alternatives, or quartz which also gives superb look.


Remodel the bedroom

There are many bedroom remodeling ideas in the Internet but if someone is not wise enough, he will find himself spending tons of money in following unreasonable set-up.

  • Upgrade the bed especially for kids at home. It is imperative that all their toys and things are not always scattered on the floor. Make DIY bed which has lots of drawers for storage
  • Put mirrors in the bedroom. Mirrors can make a room look open, bigger and brighter. Put a large mirror that faces almost the window so natural light can hit it. Instead of buying new closet doors, put full length sheet mirrors on old closet doors, add frames on it if necessary.
  • Use the closet storage wisely. Buy an inexpensive shelving unit and put it into the closet. Add hooks, baskets for storing any objects and rods for hangers.
  • Pick the right color and repaint the bedroom. It is suggested to research for images of sample rooms or to search the web for the right color combination.

Submerge the bathroom into change

  • Bathroom also is one of the most important parts of a house, thus it also needs improvement.
  • Replace the old bathroom floors with vinyl granite tiles. They are easy to apply. There is no need to remove the old floor, vinyl tiles can be installed right over it. This is much cheaper than using marble and ceramic tiling.
  • Put the clip-in mirror by yourself. Only basic mitre saw is needed in putting it on the wall and the process is easy: cut cheap wood trim to fit the mirror, paint it, stick them to the mirror with adhesive and viola it’s done.
  • Use a matching set of carpet and towels; it will make a great difference and elegance to the bathroom.
  • If the tub and shower looks gross and ugly and you exhausted all ways you know in cleaning them, consider using a ten-dollar-product called grout renew.


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