How To Apply Tadelakt Plaster?

How To Apply Tadelakt Plaster?

The word “Tadelakt” has been derived from Arabic, which means knead and Tadelakt plaster means a paste, which is produced by squeezing or kneading with the hands. It is a traditional technique for making a Moroccan plaster used to waterproof cisterns. These cisterns were used to store water for drinking purposes and this plaster worked as a coating for wet areas including fountains and Turkish baths. It can be inferred that Tadelakt plaster is a waterproof coating, which is used by expert Tadelakt plasterer.

Any expert Tadelakt plasterer would recommend using this plaster for Moroccan architecture to produce sinks, water vessels, baths, ceiling roofs, and floors, and interior or exterior walls. This plaster is made by polishing, forcing, and treating lime plaster with soap. This soaping causes Tadelakt plaster to have waterproof properties. Expert Tadelakt plasterer uses various safety measures while making this plaster, as it contains calcium hydroxide that can cause harm to the human’s eye and respiratory system. They use gloves, dust mask, and safety goggles while making waterproof plaster.

This traditional plaster can be applied to the concrete wall, insulation boards, hydraulic lime mortars, and bricks.

Ingredients Used in Making Tadelakt Plaster

The materials in an appropriate ratio is used by an expert Tadelakt plasterer to make a plaster are.

  • Perfectino Tadelakt
  • Moroccan red pigment
  • Perfect Seal

Tools Required by Tadelakt Plaster Are

  • 1 Thick Paint Brush
  • 1 Stainless Trowel
  • 1 Tadelakt Paint Roller
  • Mixer and Grinder

Apply Tadelakt Plaster

You can easily achieve this traditional waterproof finish with the help of following steps. These are:

Step 1: First, you need to mix the pigments to the perfection Tadelakt powder. After you need to add water to the powder and stir it properly. Stir it completely until you get a fluid yogurt paint texture.

Step 2: With the help of brush, you need to apply a thick layer of Tadelakt over the surface you wish to plaster. Expert Tadelakt plasterer uses a special Tadelakt roller to apply a various thick layer to the surfaces. You can also use this roller and apply as many layers depending upon the application. However, before you apply another layer, you need to let each layer dry. 2 to 3 layers can be applied for interior decoration and 4 to 5 layers for water application including bathtubs, pools, etc. After completing the layer, leave it to dry for a day or so.

Step 3: Prepare other Tadelakt and pigments with different color and apply the first layer with the paint roller on the surface. Apply the second layer once the previous layer has dried out. The final coat of the Tadelakt plaster should not be allowed to dry out, as you need to crush this coat with a metal trowel or polishing stone to give it a proper finishing. Before drying the final layer, flatten the surface with a metal trowel, as expert Tadelakt plasterer do the same. The Tadelakt will get a smooth, soft, silky, and beautiful finish.

Step 4: Until the final layer has completely dried, you can still modify or enhance the finish. You can easily achieve different finishes and textures. For instance, a modern looking polished surface or a textured ancient stone finish. The final layer will take approx. 12 to 13 hours before it dries out completely. In between, you can still enhance or modify it if you are not satisfied with the finish.

Step 5: The Tadelakt will harden slowly during the next 12 to 24 hours after applying it on the surface. During this period, you can pass over the surface from time to time to polish gently the Tadelakt with the trowel or the stone, until you are satisfied with your work.  

In modern times, with every house complaining about a leaking faucet or a cistern, the cost involved in getting fancy products and applying them can be high. However, using this traditional plaster can be a real cost saver for you and help you avoid your budget nightmares.  

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