Choosing the Perfect New Bath for Your New Bathroom

Choosing the Perfect New Bath for Your New Bathroom

Whether you enjoy luxurious baths or simply use it as a base for a shower, the bath is the centrepiece of most bathrooms.  This means getting the right bath is a big decision when undergoing a bathroom renovation.  So how do you choose the perfect bath for your new bathroom?

The Size

Obviously, the first consideration for the bath is the size and this is often dictated by the space available in the room.  Unless you can make more space, you will be limited in size to one similar to the existing bath so a quick measure of it will give you can idea about the space capacity.

The shape is another thing that the room dictates – while elaborately shaped baths may look fantastic, if the dimension of the room means you don’t have the space for it then a rectangular bath may be the best bet.  Working with a bathroom installer or plumber will help you better understand the space needed for a bath as it can be more than you think.

New Bath
New Bath

Other Practical Considerations

If you pair the bath with the shower then these limits where the bath can be located and therefore the size you can have.  Rectangular baths are usually the favourite for this use as you can relax in them and also have plenty of room to use it for a shower.  Also, baths near a wall or two are also useful if you are using it with a shower as this helps protect the rest of the room from water spray.

The water system within your home may also play a part in the choice of baths.  For example, if you have the room and want to opt for a larger bath, you need to get a plumber to check that your water system is going to be able to produce enough hot water to fill it.  If you have an older system that takes thetime to heat the water, this might limit your capacity and therefore mean a bigger bath might not be better.

Other simple considerations that come into the choice of baths are things like the waste pipe system in your home and even the size of your bathroom door – remember the tub needs to fit through it!

How You Bathe

Once the practical considerations are in place, you can spend a little time thinking about how you bathe and what you use the bath for.  If you are a functional shower person that rarely sits in the bath, then a big, spacious bath is probably overkill.  Similarly, if you use it to slide the kids in, give them a scrub and get them out again, then you might not need anything elaborate.

However, if taking a bath is one of your favourite things, then go for the best bath you can afford and that can fit in your space.  Free standing baths are a popular option while a step in style can work in some houses.  And accessories such as whirlpool jets can turn a functional item into a heavenly pleasure for those relaxing evenings.

Author Bio: Declan Small is Marketing Manager at Plumbmaster, specialist plumbing merchants with branches throughout the UK.

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