A Comprehensive Look at the Dimensions of a 3 Car Metal Garage

A Comprehensive Look at the Dimensions of a 3 Car Metal Garage

Thinking of buying a 3 car garage? You are not alone. From the US Census Bureau’s 5-Year American Community Survey, almost 37.1% of Americans own two or more vehicles & 22.10% own three or more cars.

So, the need to shelter those vehicles becomes a must. After all, cars are an expensive investment for any individual. Let’s have a look at some features of a multi car metal garage that you can get.

Standard Dimension of 3 car garages

You can get a three-car garage in various sizes, such as 40x40x12, 48x32x14, 24x40x12, 30x46x14, etc. Different dealers will offer you different sizes. You can even customize the size according to your vehicle.

You may also choose to have a two car garage with a lean-to or one car garage with two lean-tos on either side. Metal buildings are extremely flexible, for that matter.

Factors that 3 car metal garage size depends on:

Height of vehicle

If you are considering parking an RV with regular cars, you will need a taller garage. Do keep in mind that a garage is tallest at the center & tends to decrease in height as we move away from the center.

If you want to park your RV, measuring the height from the roof’s trim is best. On the contrary, you can park your RV in the center as it would be the highest for horizontal / vertical roof style.

Type of vehicle

Are you planning to park a regular sedan, SUV, truck, motorbike, or an RV? The size of the vehicle must be considered when designing doors. After all, you would want to avoid getting scratched on your car while getting it in or out of the shed.

Width of vehicle

Do you need a 3 car garage just for car parking, or will a little storage also serve you? Consider the length & width of the garage.

Quality of Steel

Regardless of your garage type, always buy it from a certified dealer & manufacturer. You wouldn’t want to settle for a rusty structure. A certified steel building assures you are getting the best quality raw material.

You can also ask about the dealer’s warranty on installation and the metal frames & panels.

Things to consider before installing a 3 car metal garage:


Before finalizing any plans, you must get a permit. With a 3 car metal garage, a permit becomes mandatory. To apply for a permit, visit your local authority office or go to their official website & fill out the form. You will also need to attach a blueprint of your desired metal garage to it.

You may face a penalty if you do not file for a permit and begin construction. It is also possible that you might be asked to remove the whole structure of your property for violating the building codes & guidelines.

The standard legal definition says that a structure enclosed from at least three sides & is larger than 400 sq. ft. is a garage.

Hence, do your homework before buying a three car garage.


Ample space & convenient spot – two things that matter. You won’t want to take a long walk to your car every morning. You may want to leave some extra space for future use. So, plan accordingly.


A car garage is a hefty investment. So, you must get it right. Analyze your budget and include needs & your wish list items in it. If you have budget constraints, a prefab metal garage would be the best option. It will save you a lot of money.

Another factor you must know is that adding length to a metal building costs less than adding breadth. So, you can also design doors sideways to access all three vehicles without disturbing the other.


More vehicles mean more weight. So, the garage’s base is a key factor. An inappropriate foundation may sink into the ground or develop cracks. Talk to an engineer before choosing a foundation.

External factors like the type of soil & your location weather conditions also play a role in determining which foundation will suit your three car metal garage.

Right size

Is there enough space on your property to install a three-car garage? If not, consider alternative solutions. You can measure the size of your vehicle & extra stuff that you want to store in your garage. Sum it up & you have the total length & breadth.

There might be legal constraints on size, i.e. – how big a garage can be. For example, in Seattle, your garage must be under 750 square feet, single story, with no roof deck, with a beam of 14 feet or less. In Colorado, you can have a maximum of 1,200 square feet of garage space for a single family home.

It may sound tedious, but do a little digging to avoid any future troubles.


There are several accessories you can choose from, viz.

  • Doors or roll-up doors
  • Windows
  • Loft
  • Root style & type
  • Vents
  • Insulations

How can you use your three car garage in the future?

  • The obvious one is – storage.
  • You can revamp it to a warehouse.
  • Turn it into a studio.
  • Use it as an auto shop.
  • Make a home office.
  • A rental place or guest house.

Summing It Up:

The most important thing to remember is the size of the vehicles you need to park in your three-car garage. The dimensions will vary according to your location, site & needs. Do take a professional contractor’s advice before buying a 3 car metal garage.

You get ample space & a three car garage adds value to your house, too. They are versatile. So, in the future, it can be easily done if you want to transform.

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