What To Consider Before Buying A Garden Hose Reel?

What To Consider Before Buying A Garden Hose Reel?

Hose reels are a bit costly. High quality reels aren’t affordable. This adds another layer of anxiety because the consumer doesn’t wish to make the wrong choice. Since reels are an investment, we want to assist you make the right choice.

Length of hose

The very first thing to consider is the length of hose you’ve got or desire. If you’ve got longer hoses which are 100ft you will require a more heavy duty water hose reel. If you merely have a smaller hose or place to water then a garden hose hanger can do the job for you.


Would you need the hose reel for use a portable hose reel or is a hose reel wall mount more appropriate to your garden needs? If you are needing to water larger areas and don’t have long hoses compared to a more portable backyard hose reel could be best.


Hose reels will be outside so going for the cheapest option frequently does not operate in the long run. A garden hose box which encases the coils and protects it from the elements is good to have in regions which have severe winters and summers. A hose rack that’s open is much more appropriate to below sheds or garages in which the garden hose is not as vulnerable to the climate.

Ease of assembly

How easy you’re a fitting hose reels will determine which is best suited to you. A wall mount hose holder requires a drill to be able to repair it into walls and frequently does not have the hardware required. A garden hose storage container might be a better option if you don’t have the ability to mount the hose reel.

Lockable Feature

If safety is your concern then look for a hose reel which may lock after usage. There are a number of manufacturers that offer hose storage accessories/lock system, you can purchase one out of them may save them in a secure place when you’ve got no choice.

Think about the Size and Capacity

Aside from the plan, it’s also advisable to think about the dimensions and capacity of this hose reel. In relation to you employ a long roster of garden hose, then you will need larger products using a high weight capacity. Because of if the magnitude of this best hose reel cart does not fit the length of the hose, it may not be able to do the work perfectly according to your own needs.

Final Words

If your requirements will be the maximum value for the money to maintain your hoses arranged then do not forget to read our best garden hose reel reviews. This can enable you to understand how to select and use the best hose reel, both good and bad about each one of the model.

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