How Custom Cabinets Can Give Your Kitchen a Facelift

How Custom Cabinets Can Give Your Kitchen a Facelift

As the focal point of any kitchen, cabinetry makes a significant visual impact. Most homes come with stock cabinets installed because they are the affordable, safe choice for homebuilders. Unfortunately, they leave a lot to be desired when it comes to functionality, style, and personalization. Since home decor styles are as unique as the people living in them, kitchens should reflect this. By updating your cabinets you can bring your contemporary, traditional, or modern decor to life in the kitchen.

Stock vs. Custom Cabinets

Stock cabinets are very “cookie cutter”. They are produced in a factory at a standard size to keep costs down. Custom cabinets, on the other hand, are crafted to specification by a skilled woodworker. They are specifically designed to fit the needs of the owner. While stock cabinets may be less expensive, they are often questioned for longevity. Custom cabinets are built to last. They are made of high quality construction material that outperforms stock cabinets. Because they are pre-built, kitchens have potential for wasted space, or the need for fillers. (Let’s face it, most filler cabinets become the equivalent of a “junk drawer.”) Custom cabinets help solve this problem. They make smart use of your kitchen space, so everything has a purpose. Here’s an idea of the breakdown between the two:

Stock Cabinets Custom Cabinets
Price Low High
Wait Time to Installation Short Long
Size Uniform, Limited Built to Order
Material Particle Board Plywood and Hardwood
Designs Limited by Manufacturer Personalized, Extensive
Life Span 10-15 Years 15+ Years

Custom Cabinet Design

Designing custom cabinets is more than picking a wood stain and handle style. You are creating something to accommodate your everyday life. That’s why working alongside a professional designer is so important. Pronto Kitchens has expertise in completing over 10,000 projects, and they will lend that same experience to you. They’ve received the Best Contractors 2018 seal and promise to stay true to your vision. With a free home inspection, they will assess your needs in order to craft your design. Before you begin, consider your efficiency needs. What are your kitchen’s key problem areas? Are there drawers that get disorganized easily? Which items do you need most accessible to you? After your assessment prioritize your list so you have a starting point. Your designer will collaborate with you to draw up a plan for woodworkers to create your new cabinets.

Out With the Old, In With the New

Once your new cabinets are built, the transformation is ready to begin. After spending so much time and care in the planning process, you’ll want the reassurance that your installation is handled by professionals. New Start Kitchens will remove your existing cabinets and carefully install the new ones. They have achieved a 5 star Google rating and the “Best of” Houzz award for 2019 and 2020. Don’t know what to do with the old cabinets? They will dispose of them for you for a small disposal fee. Since the remodel means a temporary life disruption, this process should be done as seamlessly as possible. They also work around your schedule, making sure to work within a reasonable timeframe. Leaving the work in the hands of professionals, you get to step back and enjoy your newly renovated kitchen.

By bringing functionality and style to your kitchen, this will be a space to be proud of. The goal is to find a design that best fits your lifestyle and work with a designer to carry out the plan. In the end, you will enjoy a kitchen that is just as unique as you.

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