Different Types Of Commercial Cleaning

Different Types Of Commercial Cleaning

Commercial spaces such as offices, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, industrial areas, and other buildings need to be cleaned on a regular basis as they often lie in the areas of more substantial traffic and pollution. As these spaces have a specific requirement, they need certain commercial cleaning equipment and services to remain free of any dust and pollution. It is indeed a rewarding business which includes the cleaning of offices, apartments, and premises.

Commercial cleaning methods and techniques

As commercial areas are vast and carry different scopes of the cleaning process, it may cover routine as well as

internal and external space cleaning. The commercial cleaning process may cover cleaning of suspended ceilings, internal walls, partition walls, floors, tiles, deep cleaning of sanitary and washing facilities, the kitchens and dining areas, and more. It may also cover cleaning of telephones, Carpet cleaning, removal of graffiti, litter picking and other periodic cleaning as required. Thus, based on the needs, the cleaning services may use different commercial cleaning products.

Various types of commercial Cleaning

You will come across different types of cleaning services offered by various companies and businesses in this sector. Commercial cleaning is beneficial in big cities, and as the businesses and offices would not prefer any interruption in their working hours, one finds these companies working on the weekend or after office hours.


Here are some of the different services provided within commercial cleaning.

  • Cleaning windows- Windows cleaning work is typically done over the weekends, and it is a regular need in commercial offices and areas with huge windowpanes that should be compulsorily carried by the service cleaners.
  • Washing services- People want cleaner clothes, curtains, and upholstery and this is where the washing business steps in and helps the busy people with their cleaning needs.
  • Carpet cleaning- Another essential of Commercial cleaning service is cleaning the carpets. As most commercial areas and offices often have carpeted floors, it is a necessity to keep the carpets and covering free of any dust and spots. The services should take care of regular cleaning without any delay of a day.
  • Power Washing- Surfaces and areas like driveway and pathway witness heavy traffic almost the whole day and still need to look new and clean. The solution lies in power washing service for their maintenance and cleanliness.

Commercial cleaning business often covers the needs of residential areas too and is not just limited to office and commercial areas. Residential cleaning services may include mopping floors, dusting, vacuuming, polishing the mirror, but it may be expensive deal. Car washing is another service that is often provided by commercial cleaners.

Apart from the regular cleaning services, there are other services offered by commercial cleaning businesses. For example, they may provide standard maintenance like picking up litter, wiping dust, and emptying waste bins. Many offices and areas need to follow strict meet on sanitation standards such as restaurants, clinics, and thus they hire commercial cleaning for the upkeep of sanitation and hygiene.

Graffiti is often a concern for customers, and thus it is not uncommon to see graffiti removal services being offered by the companies. Standard property maintenance is another aspect and covers particular upkeep that covers and air conditioning units, gas range, dishwashers, computers and more in offices. Post-construction clean-up is another need of customers, especially after a construction job.

One can ask for daily, weekly, monthly based commercial cleaning services based on their needs and the kind of services clients are looking for. Keep in mind that not all cleaning companies can cater to all types of businesses and their needs. Some cleaning companies specialize in specific services and thus may or may not provide the services you are looking for.

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