Effective ways of cleaning up the Blocked drain

Effective ways of cleaning up the Blocked drain

As a homeowner, you would often face the problem of blocked drains. There can be several reasons accounting for the same.  However, if the problem is persistent, home remedies will not be helpful. As a result, you may have to call up a plumber for this work. It’s said that a stitch in time saves nine, so basic cleaning methods, can certainly prevent blocked drains from aggravating.

Probable causes of a blocked drain

Before going ahead with the solution, it is important to understand what the underlying causes of a blocked drain are. However, some of the key reasons are enlisted below:

  1. Hair– This teeny-tiny strand may mean no harm. But as they flow down the drain, with time, it mixes with soapy water and dirt. Thus, it causes blockage of the drain.
  2. Oil and grease– We may not notice it, but after washing the utensils and cleaning, the oil and grease flow down the pipe. After that they mix up with other particles, and start coagulating, resulting in blockage of the drain.
  3. Roots – You may wonder how roots can cause blockage of the drain. Well, the fact of the matter is that roots often penetrate deep down. Sometimes they even pass through the drainpipes, creating a hindrance in the movement of water. This creates a hindrance, which may eventually lead to blockage of drain.

Other reasons include flushing away sanitary pads or diapers down the drain. Also, kids throw rattles in the toilet, broken pipes, or leftover food flowing causes drain blockage. . All these starts accumulating leading to blockage of the drainage system. Hence, it is important that you must take the right measures to nip the problem before it starts budding.

Easy ways to overcome the problem of a blocked drain

  1. Hot water– Let’s start with the simplest and the easiest way to get rid of a blocked drain. You need to take boiling water and pour it down the sink once you are done with cleaning utensils. This hot water will immediately remove anything sticking to the drain pipe. This stepclears away the dirt and grime in the pipe. Also, it ensures that there is no lingering smell of the food in the sink, keeping it fresh and clean.
  2. Use vinegar and baking soda– Both these products are easily available in every house. To start with the cleaning process, simply dust some baking soda in the sink and the drain pipe. After that, pour in the vinegar. To get a good smell from the sink, you can mix baking soda with dishwashing liquid and add vinegar. Allow the vinegar to work on the mixture for some time., Then pour in hot water to clean up everything. This is an effective way of getting rid of a blocked drain.
  3. Use a plunger– This method may need some muscular strength but always works, especially if you have a blocked toilet. Simply stack the plunger on the blocked area and pull it up and down. This creates a vacuum that eventually creates pressure on the blockage and helps to clear it.

Final thoughts

These are some of the effective ways of cleaning up the blocked drain. If you continue to face the problem of a blocked drain, you must always contact a plumber. They will look at the problem and take steps to resolve it. Since the plumbers have the right set of tools and equipment, cleaning up blocked drains is easier. Remember, regular cleaning of the drain can certainly help keep the drainpipes free from any blockage.

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