Fixing of Drain Pipe to solve Block Drain Made Easy

Fixing of Drain Pipe to solve Block Drain Made Easy

Drain pipes form a very important component in a house as well as business place. Usually, they are manufactured using PVC or other high-quality plastic or metal. As nothing in this world is cent percent efficient, similar is the case with drain pipes. After long time usage, they undergo wear and tear and cause blocked drains which finally requires repair and replacement.

Symptoms Regarding Requirement of Drain Pipe Repair

Installation of drain pipe no more remains a daunting task as present-day technology has reached its zenith. After successful digging of the hole as per requirement, it is easy to insert the drain pipe with due ease. Below are some symptoms that signal the event of drain pipe repair at the earliest to avoid blocked drains:

  • Presence of corrosion on pipe – Corroded pipes are considered highly dangerous. Once the pipe starts getting corroded, it starts developing of holes that finally leads towards leakage. Thus, it needs to be attended at the earliest prior it turns out to be a havoc.
  • Drain suffering from slow movement of liquid – It is a fact to consider that blockages are among major issues in association with pipes. In case you notice that flow of water is taking place at a much slower than normal, then it is time to go with drain repair.
  • Presence of lime scale – Due to regular usage, hard water starts accumulating thus leading towards blockages in pipe. A time comes when the passing of water becomes very much difficult. If you are fortunate, you will be in a favourable position to remove lime scale at the earliest.
  • Presence of tree roots – In comparison to other things, tree root detection is really difficult in terms of getting noticed. Presence of tree roots nearby your residential plot is a sign that your drain pipe will too suffer from the same issue.
  • Older houses – It is a fact that older houses hold higher risks of suffering from faults, especially with piping. If you are thinking of buying a home that is too old, then get ready to face issues related to pipes.

Basic Steps Regarding Easy Repair of Hole of Drain Pipe

After you have got to know about the issues that result into damaged drain pipes which caused blocked drains, it is high time to take the best steps to free the pipe at the earliest. If you take early measurements, then you may prevent yourself from falling prey to serious issues.  Some of the basic steps to let off easy drain pipe repair include the following:

  • First of all, a big hole of good dimension needs to be dug out. It will enable easy carrying of the operation.
  • Afterward, you need to cut the pipe from all sides of the broken area. You may take help of a hacksaw so that the cut carries on in a straight manner. You may also go for a saw for ease of operation.
  • At the time of substituting the old one with a new one, it must be ensured that the new one comprises of the same diameter as that of the existing one. This will make the job easy for you. At the time of fixing, the flexible rubber must be taken into usage for easiness.
  • After tightening the seal, it is time to pour fine gravel pieces all around for filling in the existing hole.

Even after that also, the problem persists, then it is high time to give a call to a professional and expert plumber to fix the blocked drains issue at best. Drain pipes must not be left unattended as doing so may hamper the whole construction. Do you agree?

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