Get The Best Out Of Your Home Electrical Wiring System

Get The Best Out Of Your Home Electrical Wiring System

If you are overpaying on electric bills, concerned about fire safety of your home, have old exposed wiring, are dealing with faulty electrical appliances or tripping fuses, it may be time to upgrade your home electrical wiring. Electrical wiring is a complex system that can be dangerous if done incorrectly so it’s critical to find an electrician who knows the best ways to improve your system in your home.

Homes typically have several kinds of home wiring, including electrical wiring for lighting and power distribution, appliances, heating or ventilation system control and other devices. You can get an electrical inspection done by a licensed electrician at Canadian Wire Wizards to ensure your electrical wiring system is of the highest quality and updated to power the latest electrical appliances.

The electrician will set up a main panel which is a central distribution point for the electrical circuits that run to lights, receptacles and appliances throughout the house. Your electrical wiring system should be able to handle heavy-duty appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators that consume a lot of electricity and generate heat so your system remains safe.

The electrician will determine how many outlets and switches will run on one circuit and before installing or changing wiring, they will check the amperage rating for all electrical wiring circuits and devices. They will choose electrical wires of different amp ratings for your home as the amperage of the wire must match the intended purpose of the outlet.

Quality electrical wiring can last a 100 years if installed correctly and copper wiring may cost more up front, but saves money in the long run as it has a significantly reduced risk of overheating and causing electrical fire. The roles wiring must fulfil to distribute power throughout your home, as well as help maintain electrical safety is hot, neutral and ground.

Hot wire is always carrying electricity and is used as the initial power feed to a circuit carrying the current from the power source to the outlet, while neutral wire carries the current back to the original power source. Ground wire acts as a defence against unstable electrical currents and when an electrical accident such as a short circuit occurs, it takes the unstable current away and sends it towards the ground.

With many houses catching fire due to electrical overload, damaged insulation in wiring or the wire itself catching fire due to overheating, you need to take necessary precautions to prevent fires. Your electrician should enclose all wiring connections in appropriate electrical boxes or clamps to protect the connection and your family from accidental contacts with these connections.

If you are someone who frequently forgets to switch off electrical appliances after use, you might consider installing smart meters in your home which observe your regular electrical use habits and switch devices on and off automatically. You can also install a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlet, which detects dangerous current flow in moist areas like kitchens, pools or bathrooms and instantly shuts off power, protecting your family from electrocution or Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters in bedrooms can break the circuit in case of electrical overarching, preventing electrical fires.

Sometimes, you may already have the right electrical wiring but still end up paying high electricity bills, but after an electrical inspection, you discover your home has a supply of only 100 amps however your electrical appliances demand 200 amps. Instead of replacing the entire electrical wiring system, you might consider installing a new main switch panel of 200 amps which can work out significantly cheaper than rewiring your entire home.

To get the most out of your lighting, appliances, heating and ventilation and electrical devices, you need an integrated home electrical wiring system, installed carefully in your home to match your needs. With the wide range of systems available at competitive prices, make sure you choose experienced professionals like the ones at Lumos Electric to guide you through this important process with ease.

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