Give A Different Look of Your Place Changing the Lighting System

Give A Different Look of Your Place Changing the Lighting System

Do you have a large hall where a lot of events are arranged, and you need to provide the place with an immaculate look with proper lighting? Try the barrisol lighting. The ambiance of the situation changes entirely with these types of light. However, before going for the installation, you should have some idea about these types of lightings.

Know About Barrisol

Barrisol is translucent sheet through which no object can be seen, but light can pass in a diffused manner. They can be installed below the ceiling and you can also install them on your false ceiling or walls. One can make designs in some particular area using barrisol. For example, you can decorate your bar counter with the Barrisol lighting system and you can also highlight some areas with the same lighting system. All electrical wiring and other lines that need to be hidden can easily be kept out of sight using these types of materials. One can put the lighting system behind them, and only the glow comes out through it when illuminated hiding the source.

Benefits Of installing Barrisol Lighting

If you are planning to give a different look to your place, be it office, a restaurant or any event management hall then go for these types of lighting.

#1. With barrisol lighting, one can adjust the intensity of the light and change the appearance on the place, and one can get a unique feel just switching on the lights behind. It has been psychologically proved that lights play an important role to change the mood of a person and this type of lighting have a significant impact on the mood, and one can get a comfortable feel while in the place light up with this technology.

#2. One can change the look of some particular area depending upon the need. It can be the ceiling, or the doorway and the aisles or even use a light box made up of these materials and place at a distance to give a distinctive look. Even you can also install the barrisol lighting system in your exterior premises and they can provide enough luminous power to your house.

#3. The LED lights behind that are used while doing the barrisol lighting can be changed, and one can use many colors so that some specific color emits in a particular area.

#4. Unlike other lighting systems, this type of lighting does not heat up the illuminated area and they can keep your rooms cool. It down as the LED light used under the barissol radiate minimum heat and the translucent cover over them absorbs that.

Things to Consider While You Choose Barrisol Lighting

While going for barrisol lighting make sure that you are using the best quality of LED lights. The LED’s should not dim over a period. As a thumb rule, the distance between the barissol surface and the LED point should be in a squared manner so that every part of the area is uniformly lit up without giving any dark spot below or above.

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