Here’s How Lighting Can Affect Your Mood

Here’s How Lighting Can Affect Your Mood

Most people have no idea about the impact of lighting on their mood. In other words, proper lighting is important for our mental health. If the lighting is poor, we tend to feel drowsy and find it difficult to focus. Similarly, we feel sad on cloudy days and more upbeat and energetic on sunny days. This is how our mind and body respond to the amount of lighting we are exposed to. In fact, lighting in homes and offices have a significant impact on the home or work environment. Let’s find out how lighting may affect our mood. 

Proper lighting boosts emotions

For instance we are watching an interrogation scene in a movie. Generally, this type of scene begins in a dark room where a cop shines a torchlight on the face of a suspect. In this scenario, bright light in a dark room heightens our emotions. 

According to research studies, strong lights give a boost to both positive and negative emotions. Similarly, these studies found that exposure to bright light makes people appear more attractive and opt for spicier foods.

Changes appetite

It’s interesting to note that lighting has a great impact on our appetite. In other words, it influences us when it comes to the type and amount of food we eat. For instance, in an upscale restaurant where the lights are dim, we tend to eat slower. 

On the other hand, bright lights make us go for unhealthy foods like junk food. Therefore, we tend to eat faster and ignore how many calories we consume while eating at a restaurant with bright lights. 

Apart from this, lighting also affects how we eat and taste different types of food. According to a study done in 2009, volunteers preferred a certain brand of wine because of the way the color of wine was affected by the lighting in the room. 

Uplifts the mood

Both natural and artificial lighting has an impact on our mood. Therefore, catching morning sunlight has a great impact on our feelings until the end of the day. According to a 2014 study, people who work in offices that have windows tend to exercise and sleep more than their colleagues who work in rooms where no windows are installed. 

Researchers found that prolonged exposure to sunlight helps maintain the natural circadian rhythm of the human body. So, we will be more alert and energetic throughout the day if we sit in direct sunlight for a few hours in the morning every day.

Helps reduce the symptoms of depression

Exposure to dim or bright light may have an impact on our mental health, both in the short-term and long-term. Medical science tells us that the patients who suffer from depression or lack of Vitamin D should get natural sunlight to feel better. 

Although exposure to sunlight may not cure depression, it may help fix our circadian rhythm and enhance our feelings of well-being. So, those who suffer from depression should get out more and get enough exposure to the sunlight to feel better. 

Poor lighting results in migraines and headaches

If the lighting in an office is too bright, it may cause the employees to get headaches and migraines. Apart from this, excessively bright lights may have a negative impact on the motivation and productivity level of workers. 

Similarly, if a worker’s condition gets so bad that they require medical attention, they will take several days off. As a result, companies will have to suffer reduced productivity. So, there should be proper lighting in workplaces. 

Causes fatigue

When employees are tired, they tend to engage in different types of distractions, such as YouTube, music, social media, and video games. On the other hand, if there is proper lighting in a facility, employees will feel more motivated and energetic. 

The right intensity of lighting improves our energy levels, mood, and eyesight. As a result, we feel happier and encouraged. Dim lighting is a no-no and the only time when we can benefit from dim or low lighting is when we need to hit the bed. This is the reason why mothers tend to turn on dim lights when they need to put their babies to sleep. 

In short, this is how the intensity of lights may have a significant impact on our mood and how crucial it is to have proper lighting. In this regard, we should only trust companies that offer mess-free and affordable lighting solutions like Condo Potlight. Also, it’s always best to reach out to professional electricians from trustworthy and reliable companies like Lloyd’s in case of electrical issues related to lighting. 

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