All You Should Know About Polished Concrete

All You Should Know About Polished Concrete

No doubt, during the construction, concrete is used extensively whether for residential building or industrial building. Everyone is aware that concrete is a mixture of granite flakes, rocks, and boulders combined in the right proportion and the cement, which contains calcium sulfate and limestone. By now, it is very clear to you that the polished concrete is considered attractive when the level of grit level increases.  Now you can save your cost by availing the polished concrete because they are cheaper than stone polished and they can provide you excellent durability and sturdiness.

Retrofit vs New flooring

New concrete flooring is a simpler way, though you should be conversant with the methods of polishing.  The basic thing you should ensure is spread the concrete pouring all along with full structural strength so that you can avoid cracks.  This should be done using power trowels and leave for curing with water for at least seven days.  You should keep in mind that the polishing should take place only when the concrete is totally cured.

You can opt for retrofit flooring depending upon the condition of the existing concrete.  In case of the poor condition of the floor, you need to destroy some portions of the floors before using polished concrete.

Different kinds of polished concrete:

polished concrete

  • Diamond polish
    This is one of the most time-consuming processes and it also requires professional expertise to execute the job.  The total process involves more than half-dozen steps and might go up to a dozen depending upon the finish you expect.  This is also called resin polish since the diamonds are inserted inside the metal or resin-bonded portions.  Once the job is executed perfectly with a polish guard, you can ensure that the spill-over of oil does not stain the floor since the vapor transmission is not allowed.  Therefore, this is the best-polished concrete process.
  • Hybrid
    Generally, this is also referred as “half polish” since only three steps are involved in this process.  Further, there is no physical refinement of the concrete slab.  But at the same, the process also gives a similar look and therefore may be appropriate in some areas. You need to install an additional layer of the surface and over the surface, and the concrete guard is applied as a sealer to create shine.  But the sealer is susceptible to wear and tear and the reapplication is required unless you maintain wellness.
  • Grind-and-Seal
    In its strict sense, this is not a perfect polishing process since there is no much physical refinement of the concrete slab.  Therefore, it is not considered appropriate where you expect many footfalls because of high traffic. You need to opt for redoing the process after the frequent wear and tear.  Further, before redoing the process, ensure that the proper grouting is done after filling the pores, voids and other cracks so that the imperfections are not visible.  Therefore, this polished concrete is ideal when there is low traffic movement.

Maintenance Tips

It is generally accepted that the polished concrete lasts long even with minimum maintenance.

  • Use microfiber pads for regular floor mopping.
  • Replace the dirty water with clean water as frequently as possible
  • If the floor is excessive dirt, good quality floor cleaner or detergent will give good results.
  • Any stains and oil spills, etc should be cleaned as early as you notice.
  • Ensure that the cleaning products do not dry out on the surface before removing them.

So now you can install the polished concrete flooring by professional polishers and in this regard, you can hire them from online portals. Before hiring them, you must check their experience, customer feedback, license and insurance papers.

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