Know the Causes and Prevention of Blocked Drains

Know the Causes and Prevention of Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are common in most homes. Though they are a big nuisance, but many do not have any idea of how to prevent these or even what causes these. We know they create an unhealthy atmosphere and also emit a foul odor. In addition to this, blocked drains can also cause electrical problems, which is a serious problem. There are multiple causes to blocked drains; having some information on this can help you determine the cause thus making it easier to unblock a drain.

Outside or Indoors

Drains which are located out of the house can get blocked due to accumulation of dead leaves. Water cannot flow smoothly if there are tree roots which have found a way of growing in the drain. Indoor blockages are mostly due to heavy objects being flushed down. Sanitary products are another factor which can cause blocked drains. Smallest of things like even hair can be one of the causes of a blocked drain.

Kitchen drains Blocked

Most of us do not pay much attention as to what is being thrown in the sink. We tend to throw away every food particles which get stuck in the pipes and finally lead to blocked drains. If the block gets serious there are chances you might have to seek professional help to clear this up. Monitoring the waste which is dumped down the sink is one way to prevent kitchen drain blockages. Scrape the plates of food thoroughly and break down the grease with a good amount of soap powder, make sure this is of a good quality. Pouring grease in a separate container helps to a large extent. In case you have let this flow down into the sink make sure you pour enough and more of hot water to flush it down.

Kitchen Sinks

Tips of maintaining kitchen sinks can be helpful in preventing blockages in the kitchen.

  • Avoid disposing off grease and fat in the sink.
  • Throw off the waste food in the bin.
  • Running hot water in your sink on a regular basis loosens grease or dirt stuck in the pipes.

Bathroom Drains Blocked

Flushing down hair grips is a big mistake as this will have some hair which tends to get accumulated over a period of time and cause a blockage. It is advisable to have a bin placed either in the bathroom or close by so that the waste matter like cotton tampons or anything else can be dumped in the bin.

Bathroom Sinks

Listed below are few tips to help you maintain the drainage of your bathroom.

  • Flush only toilet paper and waste and not any other sanitary products.
  • Ensure no jewelry slips into the drain.
  • Make sure to remove long hair from floor after showering.
  • Before a shower take out the hair grips out of your hair.

Avoiding Blocks in Outdoor drains

Making sure there is no waste such as leaves, foliage or other garden waste around the drain to prevent blockages. You can sweep regularly to ensure this. Ensure checking the pipes regularly for any splits or cracks. Using a sink strainer in the kitchen can be helpful. The bath and sink should be cleaned regularly. Giving the due importance to the cleanliness of drains and sinks can avoid this problem of clogged drains.

Opting for Professionals

In case of serious blockages which cannot be managed you need to seek professional help. Ask around and find out a professional who is well reputed and reliable for repairing blocked drains. Experience can make all the difference to the services offered. With technology taking a leap in most of the sectors these days unblocking drains is no longer a messy affair.

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