My Love/Hate Relationship with Wooden Floors

My Love/Hate Relationship with Wooden Floors

When I came to doing my floors in my new home I decided to go for wood. Wooden floors were all the rage at the time, and I loved the look.  I was also hoping that it would reduce the time I would need to spend hovering each week and cut back on the amount of VOC’s in my home.  With fewer VOC’s I thought the home would be more environmentally friendly and a healthier place for me and my family.

Did I Make a Mistake?

Turned out I soon regretted my choice of wooden floors, at least I did when it came to the living room and the bedrooms. The living room looked cold, like something was missing. I also noticed that the dogs hated it and always tried to get up onto my chairs. I could stop them when I was in there but they would always sneak up on the armchairs when I left the room.  I did give them their own beds they just weren’t interested in using them, more wasted money!

The bedrooms were another issue altogether. The children’s room is directly above the living room and the noise was unbearable. All you could hear was the thud of foot prints or a bang of toys on the floor. Even when they were just walking into bed it seemed to be really noisy.  When they had a fall there was a lot more tears compared to when the carpet was down too. I really regretted spending out on wooden floors and felt I had to spend even more money to set it right.

An Easy Solution to all My Flooring Problems

I don’t know why I didn’t think of using rugs straight away. My husband suggested getting large rugs for each room rather than covering up all the floor boards we had paid to put in.  I figured it could solve the problem and be a lot less expensive than carpeting each room.  The rugs solved the problems immediately.

The living room was tied together and it felt cosier whist still modern thanks to the wooden boards that were left exposed. The dogs were happier and each of them found their own spot on the rug and I no longer find bucket loads of hair on my chairs. In the bedroom the noise was dampened. The children use the rug to play on so we no longer have crashes and bangs going on overhead when we try and relax.

You can have the look of a wooden floor and the comfort provided by carpeting. Complete your room and finish off hickory wood flooring with modern large rugs.

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