The Perfect Conditions for Your Painting Project

The Perfect Conditions for Your Painting Project

Precipitation and wind are not the only environmental agents that affect ideal painting conditions. Homeowners, contractors and handymen must battle with different humidity and temperature levels, too, during outside projects. Doing the job under the correct conditions can make the difference between a perfect project and a redo. Read on to find out about the ideal conditions for painting to keep away from any undesirable issues.

How Temperature Affects Paint Drying

When it comes to painting the exterior of a house, temperature is a crucial factor in the way a coat of paint will dry. Drying paint in temperatures that are too extreme could result in cracking and peeling. For example, low temperatures can prevent fresh coats of paint from correctly drying because liquid within the paint can freeze before it dries completely. On the other hand, hot temperatures can evaporate the liquid from within the paint too fast. This can cause the top layer to skin over before the layers underneath dry, which can produce cracking, blisters and other imperfections.

How Humidity Affects Paint Drying

When the humidity is high and the temperature is low, the protective qualities of paint may be endangered. Condensation can occur on the top of the coat of paint’s surface, which creates problems with the paint’s drying and sticking to the wall. In some cases, high humidity can cause obvious streaks or surfactant leaching, which is a brown or white discoloration on the surface of the paint. Additionally, moisture in the air can be absorbed into wood surfaces and affect paint adhesion. This can result in bubbling or peeling paint.

Sticking to these guidelines can help you end up with a flawless finish. Before you get started on your next painting project, take a look at the accompanying infographic to review how temperature and humidity can affect a fresh coat of paint.

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